Top 7 Things to Remove From Your Home Before Selling

Before you sell your home you have to go through a process known as getting your home in "showing condition". Show condition means keeping the floors clean and the house in top shape for prospective home buyers so they can view the home at its best. Here are seven things you should remove from your home before putting it on the market:

Family photos – When you live in your home it becomes your private sanctuary. Putting your home on the market is much like opening the doors for the public for all to see. Remove any family / vacation photos from your home to make sure you do not get stuck with your curiosity.

Jewelry and other valuables – Not every potential buyer is the real deal. Sometimes thieves will pose as a home. This is especially true in the sales by the owner market where thieves will try to work their way into a shop with showing protocols. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unneeded or leftover prescription drugs – Another prime target for theft, high value prescription drugs like painkillers. Keep these in a safe place.

Boats and other outdoor eyesores – If there's ever been a time to pull up the stylets on a novelty pink flamingo, this would be it. De-clutter the exterior of your home by storing large possessions like boats, RVs and trailers at an off-site storage facility. Any ornamental cloth pieces should also be purchased.

Out of season items stored in the home – Spring has always been the best time to sell your home. You've got the perfect storm of school ending, summer coming and lots of houses coming out on the market to draw out home buyers. Showcase every square foot of your home.

Desk and workstation clutter. – Everywhere has a pass through station. There are no translations available. There are no translations available. There are no translations available. Buyers in the front door. Clean up these areas to put your home & # 39; s best foot forward.

Major signs of pets in the home. – There are different things. Somebody wants to keep their pets in the garage. While I do not endorse you, your pooch at Mom & Dad's while your house is on the market. This includes oversized dog bowl stations and kitty litterboxes that do not get clean. Pets leave odors behind that you grow.

Selling your home can be a fun and brief experience. Use the guide above to give you a general overview of how to minimize your number of days on the market.

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