When To Sell Your Home?

After more than a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have often, been asked, if there’s a best – time, to sell one’s house. While a house, can be effectively marketed, and sold, at nearly any time, statistics indicate, more homes, are sold, during, what is referred to, as the Spring Market, than during other periods. However, it’s important to realize, however, there is generally, far more competition, during that period, as well! If you want to sell your home, during that period, it’s important to know the competition, and be prepared, and competitive, Hiring the right, real estate agent, to meet your needs, goals, and expectations, who will help you, position the house, effectively and efficiently, is an essential part of this process! Ask your agent, how to price it right, from the start.

1. Pricing: When you know, and understand, the local real estate market, and agree on a relevant, professionally considered, pricing strategy, your chances are optimized. When there are more houses on the market, there are generally, more buyers, as well as sellers, and, so, much has to do, with the specific house, neighborhood, relevant factors, and financial issues (such as mortgage interest rates, real estate taxes, etc). In recent years, there has been less emphasis on seasonal marketing of houses, and we have witnessed, a greater number of sales, throughout the year!

2. Why are you selling?: Are you selling, because you have to, or because, you want to? What are your personal motivations? Do you know your true needs? How quickly do you need to sell, and why? Are you focusing on the bigger – picture, or, not? Is your move, based on job – related issues, requiring relocation, family needs (size, conditions, schools, safety), or personal financial challenges, or improvements? Are you hoping to upgrade, or down – size? Know your reasons, be realistic, hire the right agent (for you), and attempt to proceed, in a logical (rather than merely, emotional) way!

3. Have you found your new home, already?: Obviously, if you have already, committed to buying a new home, there may be more pressure, on you, to sell your existing house. Discuss, in detail, with your real estate professional, so you plan, accordingly, from the onset.

Home selling is no longer, merely seasonal, yet, the best time to put one’s house on the real estate market, varies, based on individual needs, circumstances, and your local market conditions! A wise, prepared seller, is generally, the one, who gets the results, he seeks!

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Richard Brody

Bauherren-Praxismappe Finanzierung: Mit Kostenanalyse, Finanzierungsplan, Checkliste und Darlehensvertrag (Unser Bauherren-Handbuch Praxismappen)

Bauherren-Praxismappe Finanzierung: Mit Kostenanalyse, Finanzierungsplan, Checkliste und Darlehensvertrag (Unser Bauherren-Handbuch Praxismappen)

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Zum ersten Schritt jedes Bauvorhabens gehört ein solider Finanzierungsplan. Die „Praxismappe Finanzierung“ hilft Ihnen mit Musterschreiben, Checklisten und wertvollen Tipps, Ihrem Traum vom eigenen Haus ein Stück näher zu kommen. Machen Sie eine Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Überschussrechnung, berechnen Sie die Gesamtkosten Ihres Bauprojekts und finden Sie heraus, an welchen Stellen Sie noch Geld einsparen können. Der Ratgeber gibt Ihnen Formulare für den Darlehensvertrag, für Ihre Eigenleistungen und die Baubeschreibung gleich mit auf den Weg und bereitet Sie optimal auf das Finanzierungsgespräch vor.

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Green Real Estate and Education Go Hand and Hand and the Timing Couldn't Be Better

What a better time to think of value in residential real estate than in the present challenging times. Most are still wondering if the projections of a turn around in the current marketplace are just fiction or truth. Five steps forward and two back, then three forward and three back. So what is really going to drive value for the buyer to buy again? What does a buyer consider in today's economic climate for the decision to buy a home? Do they think of a home for their family in terms of how their parents looked at the purchase? Do they still think a home is the American Dream where investment returns will be offered in the 6-8% in annual growth patterns as in the past?

The current climate offers a new sales technique for mortgage and real estate companies in moving property. The "short sale" market is of value to the investor, but counter productive for future community values. So, if you want to sell a home in this market, what are your options? The appraiser will always look at recent sales, and there have been several homes for closed and resold as short sales in your neighborhood. The bad thing is the family that wants to move across town into a nicer home, but the short sales will affect the value of their home dramatically. Appraisers will look at the most recent sales using the cost approach to determine value. This gives you only one real option to take less for your home, and hopefully buy a short sale across town if any are available. I mean why should we take such a loose; we were always on time with our mortgage and taxes, why are we being so affected by others hard times.

So you don't sell, because you do not want to take such a loss and there are no foreclosures in the area you want to go. What do you do to build value for the future? What do you honestly think will help your home stand out in front of the others? What do you think a buyer is thinking about today? Low utility bills? Are they considering looking into solar or energy savings? Are they curious about green building and green renovation products? Here is an idea. Put $ 15,000 in energy efficient upgrades in your existing home, taking advantage of the tax incentives and rebates. Now, depending on the upgrades you have chosen, the property stands out in this development. With offering up to 65% lower energy bills alone a buyer desiring your neighborhood may lean towards your home even if there is a short sale for less money. The timing couldn't be better as most are curious on how to renovate to lower utility bills. Green renovations, can make a difference in real estate values. Using healthy materials and installing more high efficiency systems will make a difference in quality of life. While economic times are challenging those involved in the energy sector hold promise for growth. Our company, Green Real Estate Education is educating all sectors in the real estate industry to bring these points to those is there markets. Our educational programs are in demand even in these economic times.

Energy Efficient Homes and proper marketing especially if they offer the added benefit of being green certified properties are some of the most sought after residences and gaining strength daily. The entire building industry is changing towards sustainable and green techniques; it's about time we embrace the new green revolution.

It is our opinion that a home seller should separate their property from the short sales and get green products and systems into their home as soon as possible. Some may not be thinking of selling right now, maybe in the future. But all renovations need to have energy conservation and the concepts of offering healthier indoor air quality in all they do in the future. . To investigate the best and most affordable way is to do a green renovation that will produce future value, is to hire a one of the 5,000 Green Real Estate Education has trained. A GCMP-GL is a Green Certified Mortgage Professional with a Level One Green Leadership Certification and a GCREP-GL is a Green Certified Real Estate Professional with a Green Leadership Certification. These professionals will offer options many do not even realize exist. Preparing your home for your future and the future of others will be a key to a successful sale. As a buyer, using these professionals will bring you additional information for becoming more aware of what your investment can bring in the future. This can and will support value while separating your home from others.

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Source by Kerry R. Mitchell

Notizbuch: Aktien, ETF, Fond, Reit und Anleihen Notizen für jeden Trader, Aktienhändler oder Privatanleger ♦ über 100 Seiten für alle Notizen, Kurse, … 6×9 Format ♦ Motiv: Cashflow is king 9

Notizbuch: Aktien, ETF, Fond, Reit und Anleihen Notizen für jeden Trader, Aktienhändler oder Privatanleger ♦ über 100 Seiten für alle Notizen, Kurse, ... 6x9 Format ♦ Motiv: Cashflow is king 9

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Makler Heidelberg

Kauf von Immobilien in Nicaragua

Der erste Schritt zum Einkauf von Immobilien in Nicaragua besteht darin, alles zu vergessen, was Sie über den Prozess zu Hause wissen … egal wo zu Hause.

Lassen Sie mich von Anfang an eines klarstellen. Es gibt unglaubliche Schnäppchen beim Kauf von Immobilien in Nicaragua. Tatsächlich gibt es keinen anderen Markt in Amerika, auf dem es vernünftig ist, auf einer Kapitalrendite von 40% oder besser zu bestehen. Es gibt jedoch nur wenige Ähnlichkeiten zwischen den Regeln und Vorschriften für die Immobilienbranche in Nordamerika oder Europa und Nicaragua. Aufgrund dieses Mangels an Ähnlichkeiten geraten ausländische Investoren häufig in Schwierigkeiten. Es gibt eine vorgefasste Vorstellung von Ausländern, dass die Immobilienbranche in Nicaragua genauso sorgfältig reguliert ist wie anderswo, und es ist diese falsche Annahme, die ausländische Investoren dazu bringt, betrogen zu werden. Die einzige universelle Immobilieninvestitionsregel, die in Nicaragua genauso gilt wie sonst, ist Caveat Emptor, Käufer aufgepasst.


Grundsätzlich gibt es in Nicaragua keinen Immobilienmakler, den ein Kanadier, Amerikaner oder Europäer annehmen würde. Es gibt Immobilienmaklerbüros. Einige haben sogar bekannte Franchise-Namen, aber hier endet die Ähnlichkeit.

Es gibt weder eine vorgeschriebene formelle Ausbildung von Immobilienverkäufern noch spezielle Lizenzanforderungen. Jeder kann ein "Makler" werden, indem er für eine Händlerlizenz bezahlt oder eine nicaraguanische Firma gründet. Ich behaupte nicht, dass dies bedeutet, dass "alle" Immobilienverkäufer inkompetent oder ungeschult sind … viele sind es. Tatsächlich gibt es eine Reihe von Immobilienmaklern im Ruhestand, die nach Nicaragua gezogen sind und erfolgreiche, aufstrebende Unternehmen unterhalten. Es gibt jedoch noch viel mehr, die überhaupt nicht kompetent sind und zwischen ehrlichem Geschäft und regelrechtem Betrug auf der Schärfe liegen. Vorbehalt wieder!

Es gibt keine Bezirks- oder Bundesregulierungsbehörden, die die Immobilienbranche regeln. Immobilienverkäufe sind nicht stärker reguliert als ein Fahrzeugverkauf, der von einem Straßenhändler getätigt wird. Die völlige Kriminalität wird von den Behörden nicht ignoriert, aber es ist unwahrscheinlich, dass die Inhaftierung des Täters zur Rückforderung von verlorenem Geld führt. Die Rache sollte jedoch dazu führen, dass sich ein gefolterter Käufer besser fühlt. Nicaraguanische Gefängnisse existieren, um Kriminelle zu bestrafen, nicht um sie zu rehabilitieren, und sie sind die Hölle auf Erden. Leider werden die meisten Probleme, die bei einer Immobilientransaktion auftreten können, von den Strafverfolgungsbehörden als Zivilsachen betrachtet und müssen als solche behandelt werden. Kurz gesagt, was auch immer Sie für Geld betrogen haben … betrachten Sie es als verloren. Selbst mit einem Urteil zugunsten des Klägers kommt es selten vor, dass in einem Urteil geschuldetes Geld eingezogen wird. Also nochmal, Vorbehalt Emptor.

Ein schwerwiegendes Manko auf dem Immobilienmarkt in Nicaragua ist, dass es nichts Vergleichbares zu einem Multi Listing Service (MLS) gibt. Das Fehlen jeglicher Form von MLS bedeutet, dass es weder ein zentrales Register der zum Verkauf stehenden Immobilien noch Informationen darüber gibt, wofür eine Immobilie verkauft wurde. Das Ergebnis ist, dass es sehr schwierig ist zu entscheiden, was ein Haus oder ein Geschäftshaus in einer bestimmten Nachbarschaft wert ist, da es keine vergleichbaren Immobilientransaktionen gibt, die als Leitfaden dienen könnten. Gutachter stützen ihre Beurteilungen hauptsächlich auf Wiederbeschaffungskosten, und was auch immer sie sonst noch anbieten, ist reine Vermutungsarbeit. Ironischerweise verlangen Banken von lizenzierten nicaraguanischen Gutachtern erstellte Gutachten, wenn eine Hypothekenfinanzierung beantragt wird.

In Nicaragua gibt es keine Auflistung, die der ähnelt, die die meisten Ausländer unter dem Begriff verstehen würden. Immobilienkäufer hören einen Makler sagen, dass er oder sie eine Auflistung hat, aber es ist üblich, zwei oder mehr Immobilienschilder auf einer einzelnen Immobilie zu sehen. Ebenso kann dieselbe Immobilie auf mehreren Websites von Immobilienunternehmen erscheinen und von zahlreichen verschiedenen Personen online beworben werden. Noch verwirrender ist, dass die angegebenen Preise für dasselbe Haus variieren können, manchmal um Zehntausende von Dollar. Nicaraguaner, die ihre Häuser verkaufen, schließen sich selten einer Vereinbarung mit einer Partei an, die ihr Land, Haus oder Geschäftshaus verkaufen will. Wenn Sie etwas verkaufen möchten, ist die Annahme, je mehr Leute versuchen, es zu verkaufen, desto besser. Und von mehr Menschen, die Makler sein können, dem Eigentümer selbst, ihrer Familie und Freunden, einem Nachbarn oder einem Pferdekutschenfahrer. Dies erscheint einem Ausländer, der ein Alters- oder Ferienhaus kauft, chaotisch, ist aber für Nicaraguaner durchaus sinnvoll. Ohne einen MLS-Service, mit dem zahlreiche Makler potenziellen Käufern eine börsennotierte Immobilie zeigen können, scheint es der beste Weg zu sein, alle zu versuchen, eine Immobilie zu verkaufen.

Ein weiteres Missverständnis ausländischer Käufer beim Kauf von Immobilien in Nicaragua ist, dass der Verkäufer den Immobilienmakler bezahlt. Dies ist manchmal der Fall, aber selbst wenn dies der Fall ist, kann der Käufer aufgefordert werden, die Provision zu zahlen. Ja, das ist in Nicaragua legal. Tatsächlich könnte nicht nur eine Provision zwischen Verkäufer und Käufer gezahlt werden, sondern der Immobilienmakler hat möglicherweise einen Betrag zu dem hinzugefügt, was der Verkäufer tatsächlich in seiner Hand haben möchte. Auch das ist legal. Das schlimmste Szenario ist, dass der Verkäufer 50.000 US-Dollar für sein Haus wünscht. Der Verkäufer bietet jedem, der das Haus verkauft, 1000 US-Dollar oder einen Prozentsatz an. Der Immobilienverkäufer bewirbt das Haus für 59.900 US-Dollar, um Verhandlungsspielraum zu schaffen. Ein Käufer entscheidet sich für 55.000 US-Dollar, aber es wird ihm mitgeteilt, dass der Käufer in Nicaraguan die Provision zahlt. Nicht wirklich die Wahrheit, aber häufig genug, dass die Leute denken, dass es eine Regel ist. Die angeforderte Provision kann bis zu 10% betragen, oder es kann eine Pauschalgebühr sein. Sobald alles gesagt und getan ist und der Käufer sich bereit erklärt, die Immobilie für 55.000 US-Dollar zu kaufen. In einem solchen Fall besteht der "Agent" auf einer nicht erstattungsfähigen Anzahlung von 5000 US-Dollar. Beim Abschluss erhält der Verkäufer die von ihm gewünschten 50.000 US-Dollar, und der Verkäufer steckt den Rest ein.

Ich kenne einen Käufer, der einem Makler 65.000 US-Dollar für den Kauf einer 3 Hektar großen Farm mit einem kleinen Haus auf dem Grundstück überreichte. Der 'Makler' ging dann zum Eigentümer des Grundstücks und zahlte ihm 20.000 US-Dollar, um das Grundstück zu kaufen. Es wird schlimmer … der 'Makler' machte sich nie die Mühe, den Titel zu übertragen, bis der Käufer feststellte, dass er nicht der Eigentümer war, als er versuchte, überfällige Steuern zu zahlen. Am Ende wurde die Immobilie von einem Entwickler für etwas mehr als die ursprünglichen 65.000 US-Dollar gekauft, aber 8 Jahre später geschätzt. In einem anderen Fall kaufen die Europäer ein Haus und zahlen 85.000 US-Dollar über. Da das Angebot natürlich auf den ihnen bekannten europäischen Immobilienwerten beruhte, wurde davon ausgegangen, dass sie ein Schnäppchen machten. Der Makler steckte die 85.000 US-Dollar ein und eine Provision berechnete er ebenfalls für den Kauf. Wieder völlig legal in Nicaragua … also Vorbehalt Emptor.

Der Weg, um durch das zu navigieren, was Ausländer als Marktchaos betrachten, besteht darin, einen sachkundigen Immobilienberater zu verwenden, um eine gewünschte Immobilie zu finden, den Preis, die Geschäftsbedingungen auszuhandeln, die erforderliche Due Diligence durchzuführen, den Titel und die Umfrage zu validieren und so weiter. Dies ist ein kostenpflichtiger Service, aber weitaus günstiger als eine prozentuale Verkaufsprovision und weitaus günstiger als ein kostspieliger Fehler. Ein solcher Service ist Nica Investments, eine Immobilienberatung, die ausländische Investoren beim Kauf von Immobilien oder Unternehmen in Nicaragua unterstützt.

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Len Bowcott

Top Five Home Renovations Before Selling Tips

If you've done your homework and found that property makeovers are a financially sound decision to make before selling, there are a number of aspects you should keep in mind before you let a contractor begin swinging his sledge hammer.

Particularly, choosing to complete home renovations before promoting may be decidedly different than if you were making the house renovations for your own satisfaction. We have therefore put together a list of the top five things to consider when dealing with property restorations prior to selling:

Get more than one estimate

Within the rush to get the work completed and the house on the market, many sellers fly through the procedure for choosing a contractor to accomplish the work. However, not taking the time to find the right licensed contractor can mean disaster, both for the renovations and the following effect it can have on your ability to sell your property.

In short, get at least three estimates from three contractors who come with sparkling references. Also, don't forgo calling references provided to you, and ask important questions, such as: Did they complete the work on time? What the job completed to your full satisfaction? Did they accomplish the work on spending budget? Would you use them once again for a property restoration project?

Check and double-check the actual deadline with the service provider

Unless the contractor can definitely complete the actual project within your time frame, choose another expert, as deadlines for people selling their property are more important than ever. Make sure you reiterate the significance of finishing the job on time, and make sure the contractor incorporates this deadline within the contract.

Get just about all applicable permits

Don't skimp on the details with your property renovations before selling, as the buyer may very well ask to see the permits. Display for the buyer that you required all necessary steps to ensure that the job had been completed professionally and safely by getting all appropriate permits.

Stay neutral

When selecting finishes for your home renovations, think neutral. In other words, you may enjoy red tile in the bathroom, but the truth is that most buyers will not. Think in terms of a wide audience, and stay as neutral as possible as to appeal to the majority of potential buyers.

Think mid-range for many projects

In order to ensure that you stay within budget and that you realize a return on your investment, think mid-range in terms of materials and finishes, (the only time this particular rule may not apply is in very expensive houses or mansions). Although many buyers would appreciate stainless appliances in the kitchen, the very fact of the matter is that you may not see a return on this investment. Choosing good-quality, sleek black appliances, on the other hand, will still show well in your renovated kitchen, however will cost you about a third of stainless steel home appliances.

Of course, before starting upon any house renovations before promoting, consult a real estate agent to make sure you will be able to see a return on your investment whenever selling.

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Bo Kauffmann

Indesit Hotpoint C00081579 Ofen-Türdichtung

Indesit Hotpoint C00081579 Ofen-Türdichtung

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Ofen Türsiegel Dichtung Für Hotpoint Indesit C00081579

– Hotpoint Indesit Ofen Türsiegel Dichtung C00081579
– Für eine komplette Liste der Modelle dieses Teil/Zubehör ist geeignet für klicken sie auf „See more Product Details“ und auf „See all product Details“ klicken
– Original Ersatz Hauptofentür Dichtung für Ihren Ofen.
– Dieser Thermostat passt auf Öfen von unterschiedlichen Herstellern und Marken.
Hotpoint Indesit Ofen Türsiegel Dichtung C00081579
Für eine komplette Liste der Modelle dieses Teil/Zubehör ist geeignet für klicken sie auf „See more Product Details“ und auf „See all product Details“ klicken
Original Ersatz Hauptofentür Dichtung für Ihren Ofen.
Dieser Thermostat passt auf Öfen von unterschiedlichen Herstellern und Marken.

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Makler Heidelberg

The 5 Steps to Selling Your Home on Your Own

While it’s not always advisable, it’s definitely possible to sell your home on your own – in other words, without a Realtor. If you’re organized and follow the steps below, you can potentially save 2-3% in Realtor commissions. On an average home price, this means savings anywhere from $3000 – $4500!

Now please keep in mind: this will mean spending around $1,000 up front to really do everything correctly. You can simply look at this as an investment in saving money, however, once you actually sell the home.

Step 1 – Get your home professionally inspected.

Depending on the size of your home, this will cost anywhere from $200 to $400. Almost all buyers will get a home inspected, but I recommend you – the seller – do it yourself before putting the home on the market.

The reason for this is simple: you need to know more about the home than your buyer does when it comes time to negotiate price.

Normally the home goes under contract at a specific price, then the potential buyer gets the home inspected. This puts you, the seller, at a disadvantage. The reason being, it’s better for you to know any potential problems when you are pricing the home, rather then finding them out once you have a buyer.

Let me put it this way: do you know if your home is wired up to code? Unless you’re an electrician, you probably don’t. Now think about this: which would be better, for you to know that your home isn’t wired up to code and price it accordingly, or for you to find this out after a buyer has your home under contract?

In a home negotiation, knowledge is power! It’s worth $300 to get the edge in this department.

Also make sure you get a termite inspection if termites are an issue where you live. Termites can destroy your home quickly, and many times you won’t know this until it’s too late. The good news is most termite companies will inspect your home for free as a way to earn your business. You can even have more than one company do this inspection.

I recommend you do these inspections before you do anything else. The home inspection usually takes about 3 hours, and the termite inspection takes about 1 hour. Other than letting the inspectors inside, you don’t even have to be present in the home! Most inspectors can schedule their work to be completed within a week’s time.

Step 2 – Get three contractors‘ bids on each major item that needs repair.

After the inspections, you will know what’s what. You then should consider repairing major items. These include: foundation, electric, plumbing, HVAC, framing, and roof work. If any of those things show up on the inspection report, get three different contractors to look at the issue and give you a bid. Make sure you get these bids in writing

Additionally, you’ll want to bring in contractors on any big cosmetic issues. If you have old carpets, holes in the wall, broken windows, etc, you will want to know what is costs to fix or redo them.

Now, none of this means that you need to actually fix anything. This depends on how the housing market is doing in your area. If homes are selling quickly, I recommend not making any repairs and just selling the home „As-Is,“ with the cost of these repairs subtracted from the price.

If it’s a tougher market for sellers – or what’s often known as a „buyer’s market“ – then you may need to look at getting the major items fixed or allowing for an additional „repair allowance.“

This will be a big help in your price negotiation. If your buyer brings up an issue, you will already have contractor bids in hand. You can simply adjust the price in a way that works better for you both. Plus, when you show that you’ve done your homework, a buyer is usually less likely to resist in whatever price adjustment you offer.

Step 3 – Find out what homes are selling for in your neighborhood.

I emphasize the word selling as it doesn’t matter 1) what a home is listing for or 2) what you think it’s worth. A home’s value is what a buyer is able and willing to pay for it.

You may need to consult with a Realtor to find out what other homes have sold for. Many will be happy to do a market analysis and let you know a good selling price for your home. This does NOT lock you into working with that Realtor, but make sure you let them know in advance that you are going to sell the home on your own. That same Realtor can always find you a buyer, so doing this number analysis can benefit both parties.

Pricing the home correctly is critical, so you need to also factor in the price of any repairs needed. My suggestion is to simply subtract their cost from your asking price and sell the home „As-is.“

Having the bids from contractors about the repair costs will help show your potential buyer (and the buyer Realtor involved) that you are serious and organized. It can speed up the selling process as sometimes the buyer won’t even require a new inspection, and this open transparency on your part is the key to getting a deal done fast.

Step 4 – Clean, de-junk, and stage your home

You want your home to be as clean and clutter free as possible. If this is easy for you, then by all means do it yourself. If not, I’d recommend „Got Junk“ to get rid of any clutter and then a cleaning service.

You want as few of your own personal items in your home as possible. You might even consider renting out a storage place for a few months as well.

You want to stage your home which basically means removing personal items and arranging your furniture in a simple way.

The basic idea behind staging is that your potential buyer will start to „see“ their own furniture in your house. Once this happens, they’ve started to buy your home already. It might sound strange, but homes that are staged sell 79 percent faster!

The other benefit of doing all of this is that it will make your move much easier. Let’s face it, you need to get rid of that junk sooner or later anyway. So why not do it before you move out and make a faster, more profitable home sale along the way!

Step 5 – List your home on MLS fee sites and all the other important online places

One of the best things that a Realtor can do for you is list your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). There are Realtors out there that will do this for a small fee (usually around $200). They take no commission, just the upfront fee. This will expose your home to all the Realtors who have buyers.

The second thing I recommend is to put your home on Postlets. It’s a free site that will put your home on Zillow, Yahoo, and Craigslist. These sites have a huge number of potential buyers for your home.

The last thing you may want to do is put up a „For Sale By Owner“ sign. Some people prefer not to do this for various reasons related to privacy and safety. I personally don’t think it’s too important to use a „For Sale By Owner“ sign unless there are a lot of car and/or pedestrian traffic near your home.

The most important thing once you’ve done the previous 4 steps is to make sure as many qualified buyers as possible know about your home. By putting your home on the MLS and Zillow you are making serious homebuyers aware of it.

If you want to minimize tire kickers even further, you can opt to only show the home to buyers who can prove they are pre-approved by a lender or have enough cash to buy your home outright. Serious buyers will have no problem doing this, especially if it’s a competitive market.


Those are the five crucial steps I’ve used on every site built and mobile home that I’ve sold. The vast majority of the homes have gone under contract in less that 28 days, so it’s worked well for me – it should work for you as well!

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Carter Fisk

Real Estate Transaction Process: Pricing, Marketing, Selling, Sales, Closing

Being an effective, quality, real estate agent, requires several skills, abilities, experiences, expertise, judgment, and actions, used together, to make the process, easier, less stressful, and far more efficient / effective! This process begins with properly pricing a property, from the start, using a professionally designed, competitive market analysis, valuable, properly designed marketing, well – considered, selling, bringing about a sale, and paying keen attention, until the closing. After more than a decade, as a Licensed Sales Representative, in New York, I have come to realize, the difference, the right agent, might offer, and, so, with that, in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the key considerations, to understand, during this process, and period of time.

1. Pricing: Often, the initial listing price, sets the tone, for how well the process will go! The best approach is to price it right from the start. Statistics, and data, indicates, the best offers, come, in the vast number of instances, in the first few weeks, after a property is listed, so, doesn't it make sense, to attract, the maximum number of qualified, Potential buyers, from the start, by pricing it realistically, and in a well – considered manner. Sellers should demand, their agents, explain, their pricing rationale, and closely review a Competitive Market Analysis, and use it, for its best purposes.

2. Marketing: What is the best way to market, a specific house, and property? Choose an agent, who prepares, a fully considered, well – designed, marketing plan, which includes, the reasoning behind, the best media, for your home, and how to get the most bang – for – the – buck. Included in this planning should be: the proper combination of media use / usage; priorities; goals; the house's niche; niche – marketing, etc.

3. Selling: Selling must be proactive, and, clients and agents, must work together, as a team, in order to achieve the best possible results. How quickly an agent responds to leads, answers / addresses his client's concerns, and perceptions, and the quality of his advice, in a well – considered, timely manner, often, differentiates, the right representative, for you, and the rest – of – the – pack!

4th Sales: The process of selling, must close the deal, with the results, which make the most sense! Only when the sale, is completed, and, brough to fruition, has the agent, provided the service, his client needs, and deserves!

5. Closing: Some falsely believe, the process is over, when the offer is made and accepted. However, many things, might happen, between, that step, and the closing, and, thus, experience, expertise, foresight, and planning for contingencies, are essential qualities, needed to be a great real estate agent!

Homeowners should hire someone, to represent them, who will pay attention, to all these factors, and create a scenario, where his client, receives the highest, possible price, in the shortest time period, with the best terms, and the least hassle ! SInce, for most, their house, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn't that make sense?

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Richard Brody

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Plustek ePhoto Z300 Fotoscanner (600 x 600 dpi, USB) mit Einzugssensor

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Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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