Stay in the Most Unusual Places in Germany

If you happen to be traveling across Western Europe, you might want to visit the more unusual places in Germany. Places like Propeller Island, Dachau concentration camp in Munich, or the Treptow crematorium in Berlin. You might want to stay in a castle or two while you're there.

Germany is rich in history from the Great Castles of the Bavarian Empire to the following World War Two. It's full of things to see, places to visit and food to eat. There are many unique places in Germany which could appeal to all sorts of people. There are so many activities to do in the country from having a drink in the local garden to watching a photography show at a small hole in the wall gallery.

Anyone with a penchant for history or appreciation for modern art would find a very interesting country to explore. Going to the other unusual places would be a different side of Germany. Most parks would also have commemorating a significant event or person.

Art enthusiasts might enjoy dropping by or even spending a night at Propeller Island in Berlin. There the entire interior of a room is a work of art. You might see anything from furniture bolted to the ceiling. It would definitely by an experience. Propeller Island is guaranteed to be beyond the usual.

There are also a few modern art galleries to visit and local cinema to watch. If you like music sometimes you can ask for some local sounds and homegrown bands.

Those who are interested in history may find themselves in an authentic concentration camp in Dachau, Munich. It represents a part of the dark period of Germany and humanity in modern history. These places often evoke strong emotions from visitors.

The German countryside is littered with beautiful castles, palaces, and gardens. They are in an impressive view of the architectural magnificence dating around the end of the Bavarian kingdom. Some of these castles and palaces have been converted into museums or hotels. If you would like to take a look at residence in Schlosshotel Schnburg in Oberwesel. It is an authentic castle converted into a modernly equipped luxury hotel.

For those with a more, gothic taste, old cathedrals, the Treptow crematorium, and grand cemeteries might hold some interest. Cemeteries are definitely one of the most unusual places in Germany you can visit. You might find someone famous among the gravestones, like the memorial grave of Karl Marx, to provide some very memorable pictures.

The most unusual places in Germany often provide the most interesting and memorable experience of a country. It is an alternative to the customary tourist attractions and gives you a more authentic feel of the region.

It's always an experience to walk off the beat and discover unique places to make unique memories in. So, when you find yourself in Germany, be sure to drop by at least one of the unusual places for offbeat adventure.

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