Selling Your Home – Preparing For A Home Inspection

I'm Looking For A Home Inspector. Before you even begin to look at the property for potential buyers you should consider having a home inspection. If you have the knowledge you can do your own inspection, if not it & # 39; s best to hire a professional home inspector.

In many cases you want to sign a sales agreement with the sale being contingent upon a home inspection. The home inspection is paid for by the buyer in this case. The home inspection is intended to find what is referred to as "major defects" with your property. A home inspection can sometimes make or break a good deal.

I believe that this is the case for the property on the market for sale. You are certainly not looking to completely remodel your home, but there are potential problems that you may have. A few hundred dollars spent doing these minor problems before you place your home on the market can give you that little edge over competitive properties, and possibly a better selling price.

So let's go through the home inspection process so you know what to expect and what you can do about it. This means that you will not be able to afford this property in your price range.

A home inspectors job is to find potential problems with their property. They want to inspect your home as well as room. You may or may not be able to sell your property.

Landscaping: Make sure all shrubs and trees are cut back from the house, gutters and roof. Curb appealing is crucial, remember your buyer before they ever enter your home. First impressions can have a huge impact on the buyers attitude.

Exterior: Make sure your gutters are free of debris and that all gutters and downspouts are working properly. Remove any moss or mildew that has grown on the brick or siding of your home.

Exterior door jams: jambs for damage from water with a screwdriver. If you find it soft wood it should be replaced and painted.

Roof: The condition of your property may vary depending on the condition of your property. If your roof has been missing, curled shingle or is over twenty five years old you should seriously consider it.

Heating and Cooling: A home inspector wants to make sure that it is free from defects. They want to check the natural gas lines that feed the furnace for leaks.

Water Heater: Your water heater is being tested for proper ventilation of carbon monoxide, gas leaks if it is a gas water heater, and for water leaks or water stains.

Electrical: The inspector wants to check that he has the proper size and is wired according to your local code. They want to check the electrical outlet on the outside of your house for signs of weathering. You should also be aware of your local building codes in regards to GFI's (Ground fault interrupters) These are special AC outlets with their own breakers. In newer homes they are required in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, or any where water is or could be present.

Interior doors: Check that all doors are closed and locked properly.

Plumbing: Dripping faucets, leaking drain traps, slow drains, loose toilets, leaking toilets are all items that would have been covered in a home inspection. Look for a build up of calcium around shut off valves and drains. These types of stains indicate either an active leak or a leak that is there in the past. They should be repaired or replaced.

Basement / Garage: A home inspector looks for signs of water damage and mold in any basements or sub floors.

A home inspection should cost $ 300 to $ 400 dollars and will take three to four hours for the entire process. Your real estate agent should be a reliable licensed home inspector.

As well as correcting problems by you or your home inspector, there are some other things you should consider before placing your home on the market. I want to cover this in my next article of this series.

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