Realtors – Sell Homes Faster When You Replace Empty Words in Your Homes Ads

Last week-end I picked up copies of the "grocery store flyers" produced by three local real estate companies. Then I came home and browsed the real estate section in the Sunday newspaper.

You know what I saw in all those ads? Boring words – and nothing to capture a buyer's interest.

Many of the ads were a complete waste of space. Some were misspelled. Some made no sense. And all of them looked alike in terms of ad copy. There wasn't even much difference between ads for the cheapest and most expensive offerings.

They were all filled with "empty words."

Think about it. There exists an entire set of words so generalized that they can mean something different to each of us. Consider the meaning of words such as "wonderful, beautiful, cozy, charming, lovely, cute, large, huge and great." I call them the "empty" words because they serve no purpose except to take up space.

I think back to a conversation I overheard in my real estate office one day. The agent was describing a property to a buyer and said that it had "beautiful trees." The woman replied "The only beautiful tree is a dead one." Her definition definitely didn't match the agent's.

Replacing those empty words with picture-provoking descriptions does take a bit of extra work, especially when space is limited.But you can do it!

Begin Now to Rehab Your Ads

You may be thinking "How?" So let's rebuild an ad right now.

Here's what I saw in one ad:

Log home with everything !! Great master suite. Gorgeous lighting and flooring. 4 bed 2.5 bath. Great shop. $ 450,000.

If that painted a picture for you, your imagination is much better than mine!

Now, bearing in mind that I have not seen this house, so the details may be way off, let's fix the darned thing!

After a hectic day, retreat to a master suite complete with its own dressing and sitting rooms. Crystal chandeliers grace the dining room, great room, and entry way while their light glows off polished hardwood floors. Hand-hewn 10 "log walls keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The 4-bay shop includes a half-bath, over 15 'of wall to ceiling shelving plus 30' of work counters. Situated in the middle of ten treed acres only 1/2 mile from a State Highway. $ 450,000

Doesn 'that sound more like a house that might be worth the price?

Some buyers will be turned off by crystal and hardwood – but those are the buyers who would be turned off and disappointed in person, so that's a good thing.It will save you time and gasoline.

Yes, it took more words. And if your sellers insist on newspaper advertising the cost would be prohibitive. If I had to cut and slash this ad for a newspaper I'd probably say:

"Log home on 10 A., crystal chandeliers, hardwood floors, 4 br, 2.5 ba, 4-bay shop."

That would be inadequate, but would at least begin to paint a better picture than "great" and "gorgeous" did! And it will create the same effect in terms of bringing you only those buyers who love crystal and hardwood!

So start thinking about details – words that actually describe something. Then use them.

One more tip – Get a recorder!

Some of your best advertising ideas will come while you've got your hands on a steering wheel, so get a hand-held recorder and put it on your car seat. As soon as an idea hits you, record it. It may need to be polished, but at least it won't get lost.

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