What Is Community Infrastructure District ("CID")?

The Background of CID – As the development of real estate continues to expand in Idaho, the impact caused by such expansion requires the necessary construction of public infrastructure to accommodate such growth. In 2008, Idaho legislature enacted the Idaho Community Infrastructure District Act („Act“). The purpose of the Act was to create new mechanism for the financing of public improvements for the public agencies and developers alike. The Act, styled after similar legislation in New Mexico and Florida, addressed a critical issue of how to pay for new public improvement burdens in a cost effective manner. The Act authorizes bonds to be issued and repaid with a mechanism that taxes or assesses the land benefiting by the new public improvements. This provides for much needed community development which may otherwise be infeasible due to the significant costs imposed by the extensive public improvement burdens. At the present time, a Community Infrastructure District („CID“) is allowed in an incorporated city or in the county if within the City’s comprehensive planning area and the city consents to the CID formation. The Act allows for the issuance of general obligation bonds, special assessment bonds or revenue bonds or any combination thereof. The projected annual assessment, tax or revenue stream secures the repayment of the bonds.

Eligible Public Improvements Available For CID Financing

  • Water Improvements
  • Sewer Improvements
  • Flood Control Projects
  • Roadways
  • Public Parking Structures
  • Landscaping and Lakes
  • Lighting and Traffic Control
  • Parks
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Public Safety Facilities
  • Financing Costs
  • Real Property Interests
  • Development Impact Fees

A sound CID should be established with the following overall objectives in mind:

The real estate developer’s financial goals should be met whenever reasonably possible since their project and its customers will be repaying the borrowing costs of the CID financing so long as it does not present any undue credit risk;

The real estate developer should use an experienced consultant to assist them in understanding all available options when going through the CID process;

On larger development projects, the CID financing should be structured to allow for multiple bond issues at different points in time and improvement areas should be employed to minimize the financial obligation on unimproved or underdeveloped property; The particular development project characteristics or constraints should be understood so that relevant risk associated with the project’s development and its ability to repay bond debt is clear. Examples of this are environmental constraints, infrastructure constraints, and private financing caps;

The legal and engineering side of the construction and/or acquisition of the improvements should be understood if tax exempt bond financing is being used. More specifically, the specific construction related guidelines and procedures should be spelled out when a real estate developer is constructing the public improvements and seeking reimbursement from CID bond proceeds;

The estimated annual cost and the maximum annual cost of the CID financing to the borne by all property owners involved in the development process needs to be fully understood and properly disclosed; and

The project’s appraised value needs to be properly performed consistent with sound bond underwriting and appraisal practices because the CID bonds are ultimately secured by the projects value. The appraisal instructions should be clearly defined from a CID bond credit perspective. For example, if bonds are being issued on an appraised value that assumes the project has unimproved lots with no performance guarantees at the appraisal date, then the appraiser has overstated the value for the value-to-lien ratio.

For more information in properly establishing a CID please contact http://DPFG.com

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Things to Be Known to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling a house is often an intimidating chore. So, here are some guidelines which will assist you to sell your home fast. The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is the cleanliness of your house. The buyers usually expect that your house must be tidy and hygienic. Thus, the seller’s former priority is to keep the place clean. The seller before embossing the place must remove the clutter. Clutter must be aloof as it creates a disgusting attitude towards the place. The seller must not charge for renovating. The carpets, curtains and garden or curb must be very attractive that it attracts the buyers soon.

Some more things to attract the buyers are change the look of your house. Most of the times only a simple change can make your house look much better like you can give or sell your useless boxes, utensils and other unimportant things which occupy a lot space in your house. This will help in increasing the market value of your house.

The next thing for the seller is to be aware of is the buyers stipulate. He must also be aware of the current market rates and opportunity for selling houses. It is very significant to slot in with realistic methods while selling your home fast. The market is constantly fluctuating, so it’s very tough to state that when it will slow down or move fast. To very easy to sell a house when market is fast but in slow down case, its bit difficult. So, the seller must be alert and must gather quite a lot of information to gain benefits by selling the house.

Another thing is to make a beneficial deal with the buyers. The seller must know the actual worth of the house and must set the price in such a way that it is advantageous to him. Setting appropriate price is the most important factor. It helps in selling your house fast. It plays a vital role because it helps in grabbing the buyer attention making him interested in buying the house. It is fine to procure contract forms and obtain all the documents assessed by a professional. The seller must not to be rigid while setting the price of your house.

The seller must list the house with a real estate agent. It’s a smart move for selling your house fast. Listing your house with a real estate agent gives you a chance of receiving the expected price for your house. Real estate agents play a most important role in selling your home fast, so it is necessary for a seller to get a real estate agent.

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5 Top Tips To Pick The Best Forex Trading Signals

Forex trading signal providers send alerts to traders with specific entry and exit specifications for potential trade opportunities. They send alerts when the market conditions are right for a trader to be entered into.

For technical analyst signal providers, trading styles may vary from short-term 5 minute charts to longer term 4 hour or daily charts. Other signal providers may be strictly news based fundamental analysts or a combination of both fundamental and technical.

Trading signals can be very useful for traders when it comes to identifying potential profiting opportunities in the markets which they otherwise may have missed.

Here are 5 top tips to pick the best Forex trading signals.

Tip one: Select one that gives you signals in time

Many currency trading signals can be very effective and can help you to make consistent profits from the markets. Nevertheless, you have to make certain that they can deliver their trading signals punctually since timing is crucial for currency trading. Always remember that their timing will be highly impacted by the way they deliver the signal to you – for example, emails may take longer to reach you than pop alerts.

Tip two: Providers who offer several ways to get your signals

Another important thing to consider is the method by which your Forex trading signals provider will deliver the trading signals to you. If you cannot commit to spending all day at your computer, you may prefer to get your alerts via your mobile phone rather than via email. Similarly, if you are on your computer for most of the day, you may be better off receiving you alerts as a pop up notification or email. Be sure that the provider that you pick fits your trading needs and lifestyle.

Tip three: Check the performance of the provider

Make sure they post their current and past performance online with complete trade details from entry price to exit. Also, use them for a minimum of one to two months with a free demo trading account to test the validity and success rate of the signals your receive. If everything looks good and their trade reporting matches yours and you are profitable, then at that time make the switch to a live account.

Tip four: Find out about who the signal providers are

This one is a must. You’ll need to be able to learn about the traders and the company behind the Forex trading signals you decide to use. Why? Because as far as you know the person behind a site could be a 16-year-old geek living in his mom’s basement (nothing wrong with living in your mom’s basement, but this may not be the kind of person you want to trust with you money and trading career.)

Tip five: Sign up for just a month first

Choosing the best currency trading signal software requires a good amount of research, comprehension of your trading needs, and quite often it just requires you to look around and sign up for a 1 month subscription to a Forex trading signals provider.

This way, you can test the signals you receive, work out what type of delivery method works best for you and see if you wish to continue using the alerts for future trades.

While Forex trading signals can help you find good entry and exit points for your trades, they are never 100% accurate. This is why it is important that you try a few providers out first to see which ones work out best for you and your trading style – using the tips above should help you to do this.

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How Much Should I Sell My Home For?

The million dollar question when a person is selling a home is how much should they sell it for? That is one that they will often struggle with for quite some time. While there is no set way to give you such an answer, there are some things you can take into consideration that will help you to come to a number you are happy with. It is easy to overvalue a home you have for sale due to your attachment to it so be careful not to let that cloud your judgment.

Start by finding out what your payoff will be if you owe anything on the home. If you can help it you always want to make sure you get enough to cover what you owe and the real estate agency commissions if you aren’t selling the home on your own. If you can’t do this then you may have to lower the cost to cover as much of it as you can. This issue can be complex though so make sure you get some professional advice regarding it as well.

Do you want to make a profit on the sell of your home? You may need money for a down payment on a new home or to pay off some credit card debt. If so, then you will need to add that into your asking price. You need to be realistic though or you could end up with a home that simply doesn’t sell due to being overpriced.

Find out what the value of your home is as well as those homes in your neighborhood. You can get this information from your local assessor’s office free of charge. It is a great way to make sure you have the right information to work with. Hopefully the value of your home is more than you owe or more than you paid for it. When it is less though you will have to decide how much of a loss you may be willing to take on it.

How big of a hurry are you in to sell your home? This is a question that really impacts the selling price of a home. If you are desperate to get out from under it then the lower price is the best way to go. It is going to get you someone that is seriously interested in buying it right away. Remember that even after a bid has been placed and accepted it takes a while for the closing date to roll around.

What have you done to your home to increase the value? You may have installed special flooring, new carpeting, or even a new roof recently. All of these items can contribute to a justified increase in the asking price of a home. For example if you have a finished basement it will definitely be worth more than the same type of home with an unfinished basement.

Remember though that your asking price is mainly just a guideline. You may want to go a few thousand higher to start with. This is because it is very likely that a potential buyer is going to give you an offer that is a bit less. They want to get the best possible deal they can. This gives you some wiggle room with them too and you will still get what you need out of your home. Hopefully with all of these things taken into consideration you will have the information you need to determine how much to sell your home for without second guessing yourself.

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Top Real Estate Website Widgets

 If you are a real estate agent that has their own website, then you will want the top real estate website widgets. There are thousands of great widgets that are being designed on a daily basis and are uploaded to such sites as WidgetBox, Facebook, and Google to name a few. You can easily find the widgets that you want through these and other places as well. The top real estate website widgets can be debated, but we found quite a few for real estate websites. Let’s take a further look at some of the widgets.

Trulia Widgets is a great website widget as it associated itself with properties that are for sale. Trulia is now the quickest growing site that realty professionals and agents are using. It allows agents to use tools at their disposal, to amplify their online personas, stay in contact with clients no matter where they are located. These widgets and such are ideal for allowing you to stay connected in ways that we only once dreamed of. The net is truly amazing and is proving its ability to help aid us in personal and business ways alike.


Zillow widgets are used for home appraisals and such and you can use them for free. Zillow widgets let you add informative content to a real estate site and keep them up to date and tweaked without breaking the bank. There are so many widgets that are being offered now days, the only problem you will probably have, will be choosing which ones to use. Also Eppraisal widgets are helpful with appraisals as well and are a top used widget website for real estate professionals as well.

You can find many top widgets that will help you and your visitors that visit your website as well. Widgets that are loan calculators, widgets that list your properties and showcase your listings, and much, much more. If you can think of it, then there is probably a widget for it. Map widgets and local area widgets are also ideal for your  website as well. Do not let all the widgets confuse and dazzle you with all their abilities. Choose only the widgets that provides great functionality and allow for others to find, focus and center in on what they came to your website for in the first place, realty information.

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Best Florida Real Estate Home Buying Tips

Welcome to Florida real estate home buying market…Are you excited to find and see your dream home in Florida real estate?

Indeed, this is the exciting time to look for a home, knowing that there are arrays of homes in the market. So all it takes is to give your time and effort and finally found your dream home. But bear in mind that you should be a smart buyer. You see, you better to your homework, research and everything will flow smoothly. There are some people out there who will take advantage buyers who look so eager to buy a home, so be careful and do some research…

In buying a home in Florida real estate, the first thing you should do is settle your finances. You better find out your credit score and fix issues that can affect your credit. Then you have to secure your mortgage. You have to make sure that you will get pre-approved before looking for your dream home. It should be pre-approved not just pre-qualification. Pre-approved can secure you to have the amount of money you can afford to buy a home unlike pre-qualification, you are not yet secure, it is merely a judgment whether you are qualified or not for a mortgage.

If you have a pre-approved, now you can start by working with a realtor. Be sure that the realtor you will be working with is a professional one. Definitely this would be the best step you should undertake, from wanting a home, now to finding a home. You can talk to your realtor, you have to tell him the features you are looking for in a home, and then make a list about the things you are looking for in a home, and this would be the lists of things that you cannot live without. As soon as the list is ready, it is time to search for a home. The realtor will search the homes in Florida real estate. The realtor will find the homes that match your requirements. Then he will hand you the lists of homes that matches your criteria and that will suit the amount of your pre-approved mortgage.

As soon as you found the home or homes, let them be inspected. You can hire home inspectors in order to detect if there are problems in the home. You have to make sure that the home was inspected against mold as well. If the home passes the inspection then you can now continue and make an offer. But if case, you will find out some problems, let the seller do some repairs, but if the seller declined to do repairs, then you have to continue shopping and look for another home. Or you can do the repairs and deduct it from the cost of the home. You and the seller have to talk about it.

Certainly, buying a home is a huge process, it requires time and effort. You have to be extra careful with the buying process. Buying a home in Florida real estate is the best investment you can make, so you have to take time and be careful, definitely, you want the best home for you and your family. So pay attention, give some time and effort, soon you’ll be having the best home in Florida real estate.

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What is a Short Sale? An Easy Explanation

Investors love foreclosures. Right?

While foreclosed homes are good deals, more recently the trend is the „short sale“. Selling your home to an investor through a short sale can actually save you from going through the painful process of foreclosure. A short sale can sometimes even save you the homeowner from having to pay out money when you close the deal.

So What is a Short Sale?

In a short sale, the homeowner (or his agent) approaches the lender with an offer from a buyer who will purchase the property for less than the amount owed on the property. Why would the lender accept less than what is owed? Lenders are overwhelmed with foreclosed accounts on their books. Foreclosing on a property is costly for the lender. Once the bank takes over, it may take months to re-sell the property. If you, the homeowner, have a bona fide offer from a buyer who can close quickly, the lender often will accept the offer. Even though it is a loss for the bank, it’s a sure sale that will get the delinquent account off the lender’s books.

Regarding the shortage on the loan, the lender will usually try to work out payments with you to pay them back, but many homeowners are not able. If you are able to make up the shortage, you will avoid a major strike on your credit. But if you are truly unable to make up the difference, the lender will probably write off the shortage as a loss and forgive the debt. Debt forgiveness used to be counted as income. For instance, if you owed $120,000 on the mortgage, and sold your home on a short sale for $80,000, the IRS would tax you on the $40,000 difference. The passage of the „Mortgage Relief Act“ abolished the mortgage forgiveness tax.

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Short Sales – What You Should Know

In the world of real estate, short sales have become a rising option for homeowners facing foreclosure. While short sales can sometimes get you out of a sticky situation, there are many things to consider before jumping into a deal. If you take your time and do everything right, a short sale can end up being a great deal for everyone involved.

A short sale is a homeowner’s agreement with its lender to sell a property for less than the mortgage amount. This agreement circumvents a foreclosure which can be detrimental to both the homeowner’s credit and the lenders profit. Foreclosures can be lengthy and cost a lot of extra money for the lender, and at the same time can ruin a homeowner’s credit and leave them forever tied to a foreclosure. A short sale should definitely be looked at as an option for avoiding these types of situations.

As a homeowner, the first step to investigating a short sale option should be talking with your lender, and finding out if they are willing to even discuss it. Secondly, you should choose a real estate agent who has experience working with short sale agreements and negotiations. This can be a tough deal to make, and having someone who specializes in these transactions can help you immensely. You should be prepared to spend a fair time waiting on answers when dealing with a short sale agreement. It can sometimes take a long time to negotiate until the lender is satisfied it will be a good deal for them. Usually the lender will need to be convinced that there has been a financial crisis, and this is the last option. People in good financial standing usually do not have to opportunity to short sell.

Buyers and investors looking to acquire property can often profit from short sale agreements as well. Be wary of making deals quickly when it comes to short sales because they can often be risky investments. If you are patient and take your time looking into the deal you could benefit significantly. Choose an area you are interested in and have a specialized real estate agent help you look for short sale opportunities. When you have found the property, make sure to always bring a home inspector when you first view the home. The process for getting a home inspection done can take a long time, so getting it out of the way early is always a good idea. If the home is not in good condition, you could end up paying too much in repairs to make it a good deal. Title insurance is a must for short sale property buyers. If there are any underlying debts, or taxes on the property they will become yours when you purchase it. Title insurance can prevent debts from being transferred and save you a lot of money.

If you are interested in being involved in a short sale transaction make sure to take all the proper precautions before and during your sale. Being patient and taking your time always pays off later. If everything checks out, it can be a rewarding deal for all parties involved.

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Real Estate Agents – It Takes Guts

In order to walk up to someone’s house, like I normally do, and basically ask for $24,000 is a pretty tall order. You’ve got to have guts in order to do that. Say that the average house for sale on Long Island is $400,000. Six percent of that (or the ideal commission for real estate agents) is $24,000.

So I knock on doors of homeowners all over Long Island and attempt to get to know them. I give them the chance to know me and how I can help them sell their home. I’m forward enough to knock and I’m a professional, so I know what I’m talking about.

Of course I’m not making the entire $24,000. This is split up between all different agents and brokers. Without getting into boring details, just know that in most scenario’s, my portion will generally be about $6000.

Of course out of this amount will be deducted all the advertising costs associated with marketing the property and so on (this is where having a good agent helps because they actually market the property and spend some money to sell it).

For you, the homeowner, at the end of the day, all you know is, it’s going to cost you $24 big ones to have me sell your home. Now there are a million ways I can prove to you that the $24,000 „spent“ on real estate commissions will save you 10’s of thousands of dollars, but that’s not the point of this article. This article is about logic. The logic of sales and marketing.

I can talk to you about the totality of the real estate market and why all aspets of it are important and how I, being a real estate professional can really help you, but again, that is outside the scope of this article. So let’s just get right to the main point.

First, a question must be asked. Do you think someone who sits back and sticks a sign on their front lawn is a salesman? Let’s say that same person puts an ad in the paper and places their ad on several online websites as well, with pictures and all. Are they a salesman? Does this make them a professional salesperson?

Sitting back and passively marketing something, anything, does not equal sales. Logic dictates that in order to be a salesman, you’ve got to be out there, meeting people. You’ve got to make phone calls, meet with other people in your field and network…hard. Sales and siting back do not go together…at all.

If you hire someone who is in the business of selling, if they’re good at it, that’s what they’ll do. They will sell in ways you, the homeowner, cannot.

Now let’s change the term „They“ meaning real estate agents to „ME“ or „I“. If you are my client, while you’re at work, I’m working for you. I’m meeting with other agents. I’m involved in the business of real estate. I’m knocking on doors. I’m handing out flyers. I’m advertising both myself and your property. I’m out there looking to get you top dollar because you’ve gone out of your way to entrust me with the responsibility of selling your home and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

The reason why homeowners who try and sell their homes by themselves do not succeed usually is because sticking a sign on the front lawn and expecting buyers to flock to the home is not selling. Putting it on a website or two with some pictures is not selling. It’s marketing.

Marketing is an essential part of sales. Now here’s the problem with the homeowner and his/her sign and website ad…that’s all they’ve got. Most homeowners will allienate themselves from real estate agents thinking they don’t need them to sell their house. In some cases, this is true. People do actually sell their homes without the services of a professional real estate agent – about 2 in 10. Out of the 2 that manage to sell their homes on their own, they’re usually investors who have a marketing system in place that allows them to successfully sell or rent their properties.

So here I come. I walk up to your house, knock on the door and at the end of the day, I“m asking for…let’s face it – a lot of money. I’ve got guts. I’m armed with the most up-to-date real estate market information and I’m out there either working for you or I’m listing properties around you and make no mistake, I’m your ultimate competitor.

I have a sign on the property. I do direct marketing. I advertise in The Real Estate Book, Pennysaver, Harmon Homes, Google, Trulia, Craigslist, Newsday, The Times, and more. I do personal ads in diners and I might even be on Television. Coldwell Banker, my broker, advertises on a national level, spending millions of dollars to market our company. My personal website, company websites work 24 hours a day and I personally have my cell phone next to my bed, just in case someone overseas calls on one of my listings in the middle of the night. I attend multiple Chamber of Commerce meetings and know builders, developers, contractors, attorneys, inspectors, other business owners and I know most of their families, friends and associates. They know me and know my listings.

A sign in the front yard, an ad in the paper and maybe a few ads on some internet websites is not selling. It’s marketing and it can be effective. I wish you the best.

When/If you do not sell your home, call me to make an appointment. An appointment with me may „cost you“ $24,000. But I get that only after I accomplish your goal, of selling your home! And in most cases, because I’m going to price it right and market it heavily, I’m going to put more money in your pocket than if you continued to try and sell it yourself for the next 9 months and lose another $50,000 in value (you just made $26,000 right there!). And here’s a tip, always remember that a real estate agent’s commission is negotiable. In real estate, as in life, almost everything is negotiable!

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How to Find a Real Estate Investor List

If you are actually looking for investors for a real estate project but are unable to find sources of property investors to campaign to, then you might need to expand your search and look for property investor lists both online and off-line. These lists provide an excellent compilation of locally available real estate investors which can be of great help. As based on these lists you can easily send your brochures and even offer them a multimedia presentation in order to make your project more appealing to them to attract investments. Most people are still unaware of the availability of real estate investor lists and also about their sources and reliability.

Real estate investor lists can be obtained from the following sources –

1. Online sources –

o Investment clubs. There are several investment clubs around the web that provide excellent investor lists for all of their members and most of them do not charge a huge amount of money in order to become a member. The whole membership process can be undertaken online and even then lists can be acquired through email.

o Forums. There are several different online forums with a huge member database that provides some excellent information regarding investments and other topics. These forums are an excellent source of investor lists which are very reliable and often come well recommended.

o Professional assistance websites, These are some commercial websites that provide excellent local as well as global investor lists for a very nominal fee. Since they are commercially available they also provide excellent customer support and after sales support regarding following up on their lists. Also most of these sites do have the latest and most updated lists for sale.

2. Off-line sources –

o Yellow Pages. Most often the local Yellow Pages are a very good source for locating local real estate investors and investment firms that have been advertised or even featured in the Yellow Pages.

o Newspaper listings. Local newspapers also carry some very good classifieds listings offered by locally available investors that are dependable and also available for negotiation.

o Local clubs. Being a member of the local club can also be very beneficial as most of them will provide lists of potential property investors to whom you can campaign for investment with excellent reliability.

Most of the resources that are available online or off-line can be easily used in order to obtain a property investor list in any city.

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