International Auto Shipping to Germany, My Story

There was a commercial run years ago about some schmuck stuck in a dead-end job. His boss, throughout the commercial, cries something like, “Get to Omaha“ Poor birthday boy, on the big day, gets a call in the middle of his cake “Happy Birthday, get to Omaha!“

I felt the same way. Heidelberg? I’m going where for the next three years? Heidelberg?? My company had transferred me. A single guy, they thought I’d have no objections. So I’m looking around at my stuff, my car, my life. Is there such a thing as an international moving company? I was assured there was. Don’t worry, they said, it’ll be an adventure.

Now adventure is all well and good, but my car is important to me. I can’t afford another. Who does international auto shipping, anyway? How does one connect with them and make sure that my baby gets from here to there, safely and well?

I finally connected with an international auto shipping company recommended by a friend who had been put through the same flame. And thus began the document chase from hell. Where is my passport? Where’s my pink slip; this international auto shipping company wanted proof that solid that I actually owned the thing. I was drowned in a V.A.T. of taxes, quoted to me in one long stream of accented English. Thank heaven they had it written down. I was a glazed donut half-way through explanations on customs procedures.

I have always bought American.

Several times, while sitting in a mechanic’s office hole listening to the litany of repairs that I was looking at, watching imports without injuries stream by outside, I wondered if my patriotism was being adequately rewarded. In this instance, however, I was the one watching smugly from the other side of the desk, avoiding a tax that import owners were screaming about, it paid. Maybe it didn’t pay off, but it finally paid. The advice from the international auto shipper’s office was golden here. That tax could have paid my electricity bill three times.

I filed my forms with the international auto shipping company, notarized, stamped, and signed in my blood. Then I took the extra key that I had created, checked for loose change in the back seat one more time, and said good bye for a couple of weeks or so. I had paid for insurance that would have bought two new fillings, and had sprung for a covered car transport.

(The international auto shipping company had the opportunity here to fill the air above us with horror stories about cars shipped just any old way, unguarded and unprotected. I felt like my firstborn was being sent out into a tornado, the way they talked.)

Now, I’m an American. I’m accustomed to slipshod service in some industries and I’ve lost my luggage twice on airlines. I’m no rookie. So you can imagine my shock and relief when my car appeared almost at my doorstep, only 3 minutes past due and as healthy as an ox.

Well, they weren’t delivering a pizza, so I guess I can let that go.

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Source by Nir Dotan

Will Real Estate Prices Rebound?

After years of hyper appreciation, the last 18 months has seen a major cool down in the real estate market. Given this change in direction, will real estate prices rebound?

Well, of course they will. Real estate has always been viewed as a good long-term investment. Nothing has occurred that changes that basic assumption. The short-term situation is a bit rocky, but it is only because we are going through a correction after watching the real estate bubble expand and expand for six years. Predictably, the air is coming out of the bubble, but at least it did not burst.

The more relevant question for people in the real estate market is not whether prices will rebound, but when? Ah, here we enter the realm of the mystic. The Harry Potter of real estate if you will.

The bold faith truth is nobody has a clue when they will rebound. On the positive side, we are starting to see things even out a bit across much of the country. On the negative side, financing for real estate purchase is tightening up as lender begin to realize they probably should not be giving money out like candy on Halloween. In the case of subprime lenders, the game is up for many of them and bankruptcy court looms.

At its financial heart, the real estate market is just a product market. Many people fail to take this into account when sizing up real estate opportunities. A home is a place you live in and raise a family. When it comes time to buy or sell, however, it is really no different than buying or selling a car. Yes, you had some good times with it, but now it something to be moved.

If you can wrap you mind around the idea a home is a product, you have a better chance of predicting when prices will rebound. Why? Well, it all comes down to inventory. When there is more inventory than demand, prices drop. When demand out paces inventory, prices go up.

At the moment, there is an absolute ton of inventory on the market and only modest demand. During the booming real estate market, developers where building homes as fast as they could. As the market cooled off, developers kept building like there was no problem. This has resulted in a glut of properties in most cities and high population areas. Developers are now offering very attractive deals to move the homes, but the market will not rebound till most of these are gone.

It is important to understand that inventory is important, but the number of houses sold is less so. If you see reports that the number of homes being sold is picking up, it is good news. That being said, it may not be great news. Such reports can be misleading because they do not take into account the reason a home is sold. If more homes are being moved because sellers are cutting prices, it does not mean that prices are on the rise again.

Will home prices rise again? Of course. You just need to be patient and watch the inventory.

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Source by Raynor James

Real Estate Selling – FSBO – To Sell Property Fast, Master These Top Five Internet Marketing Tools

Since almost all real estate buyers search online for properties, you have to have an internet marketing strategy. What does that mean?

Although internet marketing is complex, it can also be reduced to five key components. These must become the five elements of the internet marketing strategy you create to sell your property fast.

These five components of an internet marketing strategy are the tools you must have in your marketing toolkit if you want to beat out the hundreds of properties that are online and competing for your buyer’s attention.

The Five Key Tools for Internet Marketing Success Are:

  1. A well-designed home-for-sale website
  2. An effective plan for search engine optimization (SEO) of your property website
  3. An effective plan to market and promote your property website, both online and offline
  4. A lead-capture system tied into an automatic email follow-up system, and
  5. Third party lead generation resources

Your Home-for-Sale Website: You can’t effectively sell property online without a nicely designed stand-alone website.

An SEO Plan for Your Property Website: Since you will have a stand-alone property website you can use dozens of search engine optimization techniques to bring hundreds of visitors to see your property website every month until one of them buys your property.

A Plan to Market Your Property Website: Although SEO may bring a lot of free traffic from Google and other search engines, you still must market and promote your property website. Offline website promotion includes making your web address conspicuous in newspaper ads, flyers, and mailers.

A Lead Capture and Email Follow-up System: If you create and market a custom website you must do your best to get the email address of every visitor. People don’t buy a house after visiting a website one time. They buy after a period of time when there has been regular follow-up with them.

Third Party Lead Generation: This means you pay for leads from third parties. I’ve used these in the past and found them NOT to work well and hope to never have to use them again. My goal is — and yours should be — to use the other four tools to generate my own leads. This is the path to marketing success today, and this approach will help you sell your property faster.

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Source by Leo J. Vidal

How To Buy Real Estate Notes

If you are new to property investing and are looking for how to buy real estate notes, there are two very specific ways to go about it. There are a multitude of real estate note listings you can choose from, and there are brokers who specialize in both buying and selling them.

What a broker does is what the name implies. He or she brokers a deal between you and the seller of the note. Using a broker is recommended if you are new to this as there are many legalities that need to be taken into consideration that a novice will not know of. A broker receives a fee for the initial meeting of the buyer and seller, and he or she receives a fee for drawing up all the necessary paperwork.

These fees are nominal and they are well worth it when you consider the price you will most likely be paying for the note itself. People sell off their notes for the quick cash that it offers. This translates to an awfully good deal for the buyers because they are getting real estate for a bargain price.

The reasons why people sell off their property in this manner are almost too numerous to mention, but they are all legitimate reasons. Brokers can also arrange to find these notes for you as many of them have connections in the business. When you find a good broker and stay with him or her for a long period of time, they will get to know your needs in this area and get you good deal really quick.

When you get a good deal of experience in buying and selling notes, then you can just pore over the many listings that there are available. With the real estate market being what it is, these listing are going to be updated quite frequently. Depending on the area that you are looking for the notes in, it may very well be a daily update.

Being a major player in this game will require that you eventually go nationwide. Some people and companies do this all around the world. If you do, then you will want to focus your search on the major metropolitan areas. Even if you are looking for real estate in small towns, the listing will more than likely show up in the nearest major city.

If you know how to fill out the needed paperwork yourself, there will be no need for a broker unless the seller wants one. That is discretionary on their part and doesn’t really affect what you need to do on your end. If this is the case, then you would obviously be dealing with the seller’s broker more than the seller.

Once you get started searching for notes and learn where the best listings and brokers are, buying them becomes a breeze and will start becoming profitable for you. This really is a good way to make money because more people these days are looking for a quick cash out from their properties.

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Source by Jacob Richard

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Tips for Building Your Business and Listings

In commercial real estate your clients and prospects are the lifeblood of your ongoing listings and sales or leasing transactions. For this reason you must have an ongoing contact plan to help you keep in touch.

It is interesting to note that one of the first things that ‚falls to the side‘ when agents get busy is the prospecting and client contact. The agents focus on the current deals and forget about relationship building. This then produces ‚peaks and valleys‘ in income and listings.

It takes about 3 months to go from a ‚peak‘ to a ‚valley‘ in commercial real estate. The same rule applies in reverse. If you want to remove the volatility to your commercial real estate listings and commissions, you must keep in touch with the right prospects even in the busiest of times. That’s what top agents do.

Here is a model that can help you stay in touch with the right people:

  1. Email addresses and mobile telephone numbers should be captured into your database so the contact process is easy. That being said, the information should be up to date and current.
  2. As a basic rule your prospecting should occur in the first 2 or 3 hours of the day. In this way the job is done and then you can get into other things.
  3. Client updates and contact should happen around the middle of the day or at the end of the day. Keep your clients updated with market trends and how they are impacting listings and enquiry. A client that is informed is a client that you can work with.
  4. Inspections can or should occur early afternoon so that they do not disrupt normal prospecting and client contact.
  5. Negotiations are important to the deals and the listings. I know that some negotiations can occur at any time and that they will take a priority over most other things.

It is a known fact that the best agents are in control of what they do and when they do it. It is that level of control that helps them get the job done and build market share. You could say that they have some real priorities that they work to.

If you want to rise up in the local commercial real estate industry, it is time to look at what you are doing and how it can be improved. Some of the rules above will initially be hard to establish, however try to commit to at least 50% of them. Over time the degree of control that you get will help your success in the industry.

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Source by John Highman

5 Signs That You Should Sell Your Home Fast

Owning a house of your own is something to be proud of. It is a dream of every man. Some people even sow the seeds of the desire to own a house in their childhood, and they expect that they would fulfill that desire in their lifetime. So they use a good part of their income in building a sweet home for themselves.

With all these years of toil and dreams sometimes moments come when we have to let go of our proud possession. We have to sell our house and we cannot do anything about it. Some people might think that selling the house is entirely in our own hands, but I would say that it is only half correct. Most of the times our socio-economic conditions force us to take such difficult decisions.

There are various reasons why you as a homeowner need to sell your home very fast. Sometimes it is really essential to act quickly if you have to sell your home fast. There are usually numerous reasons for selling the house which you have bought and decorated or built all by yourself. Some of the reasons to sell your home fast, it may be pertaining to your personal life, some may be due to loss or accident, and other reasons like relocation. A damage caused by fire requires the house to be sold as fast as possible or the value would get depreciated, then it would be difficult to sell the house. Relocation can also be a reason to sell your home fast. Selling a house can be lucrative sometime and at times people have to give away their houses at half the original price.

Here are some important reasons discussed on why you need to sell your home very fast.

-Change in income – Due to the sudden change in income people might want to shift their home to a better place. As per the laws of economy, pertaining to rise in income, people tend to go for the superior goods in case of rise in income. For example your monthly income has just been doubled and you want to move to a posh residential area then you need to sell your home fast.

-Problems with the tenants – This is a very common problem and can be one of the vital reasons to sell your home fast. If you are not able to get rid of your tenants sell your home fast. This can really solve your tenant problem. You move on to another house with the cash you are getting.

-Sudden requirement for cash -You might need to sell your home fast to meet your sudden requirement for cash. Due to a sudden calamity such as accident or serious medical condition there can be a sudden requirement for cash. To meet that demand one of the best ways is to sell your home fast.

-Remembrance and bereavement – This can also be a reason to sell your home fast. Sometimes certain mishaps happen and it really becomes tough for the family members left to stay in that house as it is heart aching. In such a scenario it is always better to sell your home fast and find another one.

-Relocation – This is a real problem. If you happen to be on a job which keeps you on the move then you would need to sell your home fast when you are relocating.

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Source by Mark Bradley

Real Estate – Gain Knowledge on Real Estate Market

The real estate market is very difficult. Without proper knowledge, you cannot enter into it. A successful real estate business needs full knowledge. The term real estate is used for real property than that of personal.

The commonly used types of real estate are single-family homes and commercial property. Single-family homes means person own piece of land and the re-sale value of such property is also higher. The properties like farms, industrial sites came under this category. Commercial property means the area used for businesses like offices, warehouses, hotels, shopping malls and retails. It also covers the unoccupied land to be used for such purposes.

It is very important to gain knowledge about certain rules and regulations before making your entry. You must know that what is your next step. There are real estate professionals that will provide you help in this process of buying and selling of land. A real estate agent works for a particular company and showing properties that came under company’s listings. There are no any restrictions on a real estate broker because he is independently licensed to evaluate the whole market. A real estate attorney will help in buying and selling commercial property business.

Before hiring an agent or broker, you also have some knowledge about buying and selling of property. If you are hiring an agent, must collect some information about his company and its previous record.

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Source by Gurpreet Sekhon

Selling a House With Pets in the Residence

When people prepare to sell a home, most of them work very hard to make their home is as attractive as possible. This could include just about anything, from re-painting walls to making minor repairs to hiring a home staging consultant. In a buyers market like this, sellers work very hard at making their home sparkle. They would never suspect that all of these improvements could be completely negated by the family dog.

For homeowners with pets, selling a house could take some extra effort. Pets leave behind evidence of their presence, whether it be in the form of scratch marks, hair, odors, or more. This can pose a problem for potential home buyers which may have allergies. There could be safety issues for pets and people alike, as there really is no way to know how an animal will react with strange people in the house. Additionally, some people are so strongly averse to pets they will refuse to consider a home where they have resided recently. Luckily, there are steps a homeowner can take in order to ensure that the family pet doesn’t prolong the sale of a house or worse, negatively impact its price.

The very first solution to be considered is to relocate the pet to another place if possible. This could be a friend or family member willing to take care of the furry little guy or it could involve boarding the animal. Having the them out of the household would be the easiest, most effective way to prevent a pet’s presence from interfering with the sale of a home. The drawback is homes are spending longer on the market these days and boarding a pet for months on end would not only get expensive, it would be cruel.

If boarding the animal outside of the home is not an option, see if its possible arrange for friends or family to take the pets for a few hours during showings. Having them at the house is the last choice and should be avoided at all costs. If this is the case, they should be restrained in a kennel or outside. Not only are barking dogs and underfoot cats distracting, if a potential home buyer is bitten, they will not purchase the home and they might file a lawsuit to boot.

Make sure that the real estate agent knows pets live in the home. This will make it less likely they will stop by without making plans in advance. They’ll want to know the animals are restrained properly before going to the property. A real estate agent doesn’t want to be responsible for an escaped pet or any other animal-related troubles which may arise.

One of the most obvious troubles of trying to sell a home with pets is their shedding. A house full of pet hair and dander can be an immediate turn off to non-pet owners. Vacuum daily, even twice a day if it’s necessary to keep the carpeting clean. Don’t forget that smooth floor surfaces like tile and hardwood can accumulate „dust bunnies“ as well. Pay careful attention to corners and in between furniture, where fur can accumulate. Lint rollers are great for furniture and other areas that are difficult to clean.

Odors can be another problem for pet owners trying to sell a home. Once someone’s nose is accustomed to a smell, it „forgets“ its there. Some people may not even know their house smells like their pet. Using cleaning products and fabric fresheners can help. Additionally, other scents can be used to cover up any odors that may exist. This could be through candles, baking cookies, potpourri, or more. Do not use air fresheners, as people with allergies can suffer a reaction. If the smell of pets is extremely strong, try using bleach. While it is not a favored smell, it is better than animal odors.

Obviously, where there are pets, there is animal waste. Whether it’s in the litter box or the back yard, it can be a huge turn off to potential home buyers. Make sure that litter boxes are kept impeccably clean while the house is on the market. Stash them in out-of-the-way areas where they won’t be noticed. With dogs, the easiest method is to clean up messes in the yard as they occur.

Beyond the obvious hair and smells, pets can cause other problems within a home that may make it difficult to sell. Pets can cause actual damage to homes in a variety of ways. There is pet soiling which can severely damage the floors of a home. Animal nails can scratch molding, hardwood floors, windowsills, doorways, carpeting, and pretty much anything else they can get their claws into. Some ill-behaved animals have destroyed doors and cabinets with their teeth. If there have been any major damages caused by a pet, they will need to be repaired before the home goes on the market. Any further damage will also need to be prevented.

Pet accessories can really clutter up the way a home looks. Pet dishes in the kitchen. Toys scattered about the living room floor. Kennels or cat trees can really mess up a home staging project. Keep these types of pet accompaniments outside of the most important rooms: the kitchen, the living room, the family room, and any rooms with major selling points like fireplaces or a sunroom.

One final method of selling a home where pets live is to market it to other pet owners. Instead of trying to hide all evidence of pets, promote the fact the property as „pet-friendly.“ Perhaps a concrete kennel has been built, fencing has been installed, or the home is located far from any busy roads. These could be attractive to potential home buyers that will be moving with their pets. It could even bring about some creative marketing strategies, like advertising the home at local animal shelters, animal lovers‘ websites, and discussion groups.

Dogs and cats can make it harder to sell a home, but a little bit of planning can overcome those troubles. With some extra work and careful attention, it could even seem like no pets live there at all. Taking the time to keep the house clean and keep pets and people safe during showings can mean the difference between selling a home for the right price, selling it for a lower price, and even not selling it at all.

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Source by Matt Barker

Real Estate Advertising Ideas – 5 Unique Advertising Options

When building customer-base for real estate, success is not an overnight feat. It will involve a lot of hard work. Letting other people know of your business or about the property you sell does not totally mean that you have to place lots of text-based ads all over. You have to be creative to excite your potential buyers. Here are some tips for your next real estate advertising goal.

  1. Create a video walk through of the house. Take advantage of the technology offered by smartphones and drones. Using them plus your creativity, you can shoot at different parts of the house to present realistic view of what you are selling.
  2. Build free offers to collect email addresses. If you are observant, you probably can see that a lot of websites and blogs have pop-ups offering free trials, free newsletters, pdf downloads of articles, and a lot more. By simply filling out the electronic forms, users can give you email addresses which you can later use to send out your offers of real estate properties being sold.
  3. Be a resource person for local TV networks and radio stations. By being an expert person on real estate, you can actually gain the attention of local TV networks and radio stations. It’s like applying for a job but if you’re able to hook with them, you will have a great venue to advertise the properties in your portfolio. You can email them to send either a letter stating your endeavor or a short video presenting yourself as an expert and willing to be their resource person on subjects related to real estate.
  4. Take advantage of the trending internet memes. Admit it or not, you are also among the bunch of internet users who are enthused with the trending memes we see. They carry a range of graphics ranging from animation characters, Hollywood stars, animals, and a lot more. Depending on the graphics and the texts that go with them, they become instruments to send-off messages to those who see them. With this said, then you can have memes that actually persuade people to buy the property you are selling or call them to action to avail your services as a real estate agent.
  5. Have video testimonials done by previous clients. Go beyond the usual testimonials which are fully textual and placed on specific sections of the website or blog. Instead, ask for video testimonials from your past clients. Aside from presenting their real experiences, you present real people to potential customers.

Go unique. Go beyond the usual. Exhaust your creative juice to excite your clients. Real estate marketing is tasking and will need you to work your way to become a brand and an authority.

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Source by Desare A Kohn-Laski

How to Identify the Best Real Estate Agents

Getting The Best Agent To Do Your Dealings

If you are looking for Ontario Real Estate Agents, you have various ways of getting their contact details. You can use any popular search engine on the Internet. In addition to the Internet, you can check the local newspapers for some of the best property agents as most of them advertise through these newspapers.

You may also get the names and contact numbers of them from various property magazines that are available at book stalls. The Yellow Pages, which is available at most book stores, is also a good resource to get the contact details of these agents.

After you manage to get their contact details, simply, call them and introduce yourself to them. It is not easy to get all the information on the telephone so it is better to fix up a meeting with them. You can either choose to meet them in their offices or invite them to your place of choice. they are the link between the buyer and the seller. They often work on a commission basis and charge it from both, the buyer and the seller.

The percentage of commission varies from agent to agent and there are no fixed norms for it. Before you get into the details of the property deal, make sure that you have all the information related to the commission of the real estate agent. Identifying the best agent for your desired property is very important. There are some leading them in Ontario who have a good reputation in the market. To get details of these leading Ontario real estate agents, you need to browse the Internet or join some real estate forums.

Local Property Agents: Where Are The Good Ones?

When selecting a property agent for a particular area, make sure that you have a local property agent. For example, if you are looking for a property in Ontario, make sure that you enter into a deal with the help of local Ontario real estate agents. The main advantage with local property agents is that most of them know the area very well. In addition, such agents also have good contacts in the locality where they do most of their work.

Local property agents are often very easy to find over the Internet these days. There are some good websites that will allow you an area-wise search of property agents. These websites will give you the following information about local RS agents:

* Names of them

* Contact details of them

* Experience of the them

The property market is gaining momentum after many months of slump. So, if you are planning to buy a property in the heart of Ontario. Make sure that you get the best Ontario real estate agents to help you out.

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Source by Katharine Gillespie

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