Ontario Licensed Real Estate Agents and Maternity Leave

Most Ontario real estate agents on a commission basis. These agents are generally on an independent contractor status.

When a Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Sales representative, or broker, considered her maternity leave situation, she wants to be concerned about her loss of income, existing and continuing monthly expenses, and possibly the option of not returning to real estate sales for a longer period of time.

Here is a typical scenario for Ontario Realtor who is on maternity leave:

Most likely she was a registered real estate agent in Ontario with a franchise brokerage. That Brokerage is a member of the Toronto real estate board or on its location in Ontario, their own local board. As a board member the brokerage pays its dues including associations like O.R.E.A and C.R.E.A .. Therefore, all agents in that brokerage wants to be responsible for those dues whether active in sales or not. The agent on maternity leave, then, so wants to pay these dues as long as they remain registered with this brokerage.

Not all franchise brokerages are equal, but most of them have their own expenses Registered sales agents must pay as part of their agreement. These fees could be desk fees, advertising fees, franchises and transaction fees, fixed monthly office fees or administration costs, etc., etc. Although the real estate boards are fair or are they or are not active in sales,

You may have some legitimate concerns about having to pay your way home sales field. Another concern may be the loss of income due to her leave. This is a lot.

There is a lot. Still another thought may be the eventual feeling, while taking care of her baby and family of flexibility in Ontario with real estate agents ready to take maternity leave. Brokerage and register with a non board member realty brokerage. You can park your license with a Brokerage.

Brokerage or non member brokerage. You can refer business to a fellow real estate agent or brokerage and agree to accept a referral fee. Brokerage in good standing with RECO.

Although there is no option for many agents, it's to know that in Ontario, real estate agents who elect to take a leave of absence can do so with a little piece of mind It seems that they are at home.

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