Keeping Your Home Buying Wish List On Track

Although experts in the real estate industry are constantly suggesting the importance of seeing a thing before doing anything else with regards to purchasing a home, many buyers do not. Instead, they merrily attend open houses, mine internet real estate databases and hound real estate agents to show them that they may not qualify to purchase.

We want to help you be a smart homebuyer, so we've developed a checklist to help you keep your home buying wish list realistic.

To make a dream come true. Only a lender can help you determine this figure. Once you know what you can spend, we can help you determine where you can afford to live. From there, you can build a realistic wish list.

The Home

The first items on your home buying book should not be based on your current home. Is it too far from work? Then your home buying wish list should include a shorter commute. Does it drive you to a parking place every night when you get home? Put a garage on the home buying wish list as well.

Next, determine what you need on your home buying wish list. If you have a large family, maybe you need extra square footage or more bedrooms and bathrooms. If you work from home, sometimes an office is a must. Bath knees and staircases do not mix so a one-story home may be a necessity.

Finally, it's time to think about the extras you want for your home buying wish list – those items that you can live without, but it would be wonderful if they were included in your new home ,

The Neighborhood

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Now that you've figured out what your ideal home should include, it's time to think about the type of neighborhood in which you're like the home to be located. Some items to consider for your home buying wish list:

• Crime: A Crime Scene: A Crime Scene: A Crime Scene: A Crime Scene: Call the local police department for neighborhood crime statistics. So you'll find information online, with the FBI's Sex Offender Registry.

• Property values: Look for a property where values ​​are rising. You'll usually find these types of neighborhoods on the fringes of more expensive communities, according to the National Association of Realtors.
• Easy Ingress and Egress: The ease of entering and leaving a home is especially important to commuters.
• Future Plans: Many homebuyers underestimate the impact of an area's future plans on their property values. Planner & # 39; s office is in the area surrounding your neighborhood.
• Noise Level: While many people do not enjoy the sound of kids playing music, others are not comfortable in anything less than complete silence. If you are of the latter group, at different times of the day and night and weekends as well as weekdays.
• Lifestyle: If you're a young, single professional you probably do not feel at home in a family neighborhood so consider a place downtown, or close to it. If you can put up with the typically higher crime rate and laquer of convenient parking, a home in the urban core may be ideal. Folks with kids, on the other hand, may want to look at neighborhoods with cul-de-sacs
• Neighbors: Because the condition of your neighbor's homes will affect the value of yours, take a look at the other houses on the block. Foreclosures wants to drag down the value of neighboring homes. Unsightly landscaping and poorly maintained homes do likewise.
When the home buying wish list is finished, we'll find you some affordable neighborhoods and get down to the serious business of the Great American Househunt.

Here's a checklist to bring along with you:
• Determine exactly how much you can spend on a home.
• Ask us to point to some neighborhoods priced within your budget.
• Determine what drives you crazy about your current home
• Decide on your "wants-but-can-live-without" items

Investigate potential neighborhoods:
• Crime
• City planning
• Traffic
• Noise level
• Does it fit your lifestyle?
• Do the neighbors take care of their homes?
• Proximity to schools
• Proximity to city amenities

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