How To Find A Good Realtor To Help You Through The Home Buying Process

This is one of the most important decisions you make in the house buying process . It's almost as important as selecting the right house. The right realtor can make a house. The wrong realtor … well, take my word, and find the right realtor.

You'll be making LOTS of contacts and spending lots of time with your realtor, so find someone who is right for you.

What makes a "good" realtor?

  • Knowledgeable … about real estate, about the area you want to look in, and about your specific needs.
  • Accessible … responds to your phone calls or emails, is willing to work around your schedule.
  • Ready to help YOU first, make the sale second … sure, realtors make their living on the house, but if they help you get what you want, they want to get what THEY want ,

On the other hand, a poor realtor wants to bring you to a house that DO NOT fit the criteria on your list. WILL NOT work around your schedule. WILL NOT return your phone calls promptly. And WILL NOT put your best interests at the very top of the list!

So do not think that ALL are realtors are alike. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way.

If it takes awhile to find your perfect house, you'll spend a lot of time with your realtor, and you'll want to be happy with yourself house!

Where can you find a good realtor? So you can look in your local newspaper, phonebook, or on the Internet.

Make sure to ask lots of questions before hiring any realtor to represent you. There are a lot of details that go into buying a house. Once you get started, remembering all those details will get harder and harder. A good realtor wants to be organized, and help you remember what you can not remember when the house buying process gets complicated.

Then, ask for references of former customers – if you have the time, contact a few of them to find out first-hand about the realtors you are considering.

There is no "exact science" to hiring a good realtor. But it's not a decision to take lightly.

And, if you end up making the wrong choice, feel free to walk away and find another realtor – its your choice!

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