How Do I Find a Good Real Estate Agent to Sell My House? What Makes a Real Estate Agent Reliable?

There is no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of reliable real estate agents out there, but how do you know when you’ve picked the right one? Even though many are reliable there are a lot of them that will just leave you out in the cold after working with you. I know many agents who don’t even answer their freaking phone or respond to their emails! So how can we weed these losers out and find a real estate agent who is passionate about their career and providing great service?

Is it a Numbers Game? There are many real estate agents out there ready to serve you and only you can find the best one. This is a numbers game which gives you the opportunity to find the best. Thank goodness there isn’t only one agent out there that would be a disaster for the client and you know what I mean if you’ve dealt with the cable company. There is a lot of competition out there for agents so they need to cater to you in order to earn you as a client. Go online and search for Keller Williams, ExecuHome, RE/MAX etc… to find agents. You can also search for real estate agents on Facebook and LinkedIn. Call or email these people and see how fast they respond.

Do they Follow up? The faster the real estate agent responds may give you an indication on how fast they will take action and execute. When you have them on the phone ask them how many clients they have, how often they work and what can they do to make sure that your house will sell quickly. This process is very important, once you have the answers you want to setup a meeting with them. Remember your time is very important in this business.

Meet Up With them You should have 3-5 agents that you definitely want to work with by just talking on the phone with them. Now it’s time to meet up with them to discuss further on what you want from them. When you meet them you can see what kind of person they are and see if they meet the criteria you are looking for. You can also evaluate their character and see how they interact with others in public and maybe even in their office. Try to see if any of these real estate agents have clients or testimonials who can back their word up. Having a real estate agent that’s a people person is always a plus.

Learn More About Them Just by asking other agents you meet with about another real estate agent can help you in making your decision. Beware while using this tactic some agents may bad mouth another in hopes of gaining you as a future client. At the same time there are several resources online that rate real estate agents that are free to use.

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