How Can I Sell My House Without A Realtor?

You may think that it is the only way for you to sell your home without a Realtor or real estate agent is to become like an agent yourself. There are a few options that you have that are not a For Sale By Owner route.

Sell ​​to a real estate investor

A real estate investor is a person that buys a house, not to live in it, but to either rent it out, renovate, or resell at a later time. Going to one of the companies that buy houses has some big advantages over a traditional sale. As an example if a homeowner has a house that is in need of some major repairs a real estate investor might be able to offer you a better deal then you would get with a normal sale. This method can also help out a homeowner if they are trying to avoid foreclosure by buying the house and reselling it back when a homeowner has their financial situation more in order. Homeowner that are going through financial hardships might even be able to stay in the house as a renter if the investor thinks that they will make a good tenant.

Having an auction

In the past, an auction for homes usually has been reserved for homes experiencing default and foreclosure. However, more people are using auction sales in order to get their home sold quickly. Instead of going through the process of waiting for a buyer, an auction allows sellers to put up a certain time and date for the auction in which buyers can bid for the highest price. Buyers and sellers do not have to play a guessing game of trying to judge the other party & # 39; s expectations and possible offers, and even if the auction does not result in a sale, an auction will allow sellers to recognize serious buyers.

There are some downsides to trying to do it this way. Many home buyers are either uncomfortable and unfamiliar and would rather make an offer in a less open setting. This is why you might alienate some buyers by trying to go this route with selling your house. Also the house is sold to the highest bidder so you might end up with less then you would have if you had done it the traditional way. Having an auction can be risky but it can save you months of time, and potentially be profitable.

A house swap

This concept is much more familiar abroad, but it is not without its appeal in the States. The idea is just as it sounds: two homeowners find suitable houses that they can trade with each other and then make an agreement for the simultaneous sale of both homes. This often is ideal when homeowners have disparate needs such as a trade between two retirees looking for something small while a larger family needs a home with extra bedrooms. Usually one party will pay extra to make up the difference in home values.

A house swap might be a good option if you are looking for an outlet of selling a home that would otherwise be hard to sell. There are a couple of expectations on what should be included in the trade to allow for both parties to fit their needs for the given situation. The downside is that you will be highly limited to just the houses that people are looking to swap in your specific region or area. If you do this right though you can avoid the huge real estate agent commissions and take care of a lot of different things all in one big transaction.

As I & # 39; ve shown there are other option that you have available to you if you don & # 39; t want to sell with a Realtor. The traditional method of selling a house might not be right for all homes in all circumstances, and selling to an investor, at auction, or with a house swap you could have a solution that will save you both time and money.

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