Home Staging Tip – How to Live in a Staged House Without Wrecking It!

You’ve done every thing right. The home is in mint condition, it’s been brilliantly staged, it’s priced right, comps out well, and now… sits. It’s gonna. That is unfortunately the most likely scenario in any buyers‘ market. Eventually the home will sell, and chances are, in the end, you’ll do just fine, but how to get to that end? We can all „learn how to live clean“ as I tell all my customers, knowing full well that’s like asking someone to stick to a diet. Whether you have young children or not, for lost of folks it’s stressful living in show shape. There are some tricks (shortcuts, really) that you can deploy. Here’s three:

1. Special Towels for Show, soaps, too!

Most likely when staging the home for sale, white towels got placed in all the bathrooms. Lovely fresh, fluffy, WHITE towels, that no-one’s allowed to use! you know how it is, as soon as you wash them, even once, they’re not half as nice, so you want to leave them as is. You could put them underneath the sink, or in a pile somewhere, but a creative solution is to put a colored towel on top. Let everyone use those. They don’t show dirt and wear in the same way. The contrast with the white towels gives an even richer look to the bathroom.

Designate a new piece of soap for show purposes too, and put that out every morning as the last person leaves the room. Now you have the hotel look maintained for months on end.

2. The Tidyness

  • Stay on top of each room, as you leave it. (it becomes a habit after a while) Always fluff up the sofa pillows last thing at night. My mother used to do this religiously and I never understood why until I tried doing it in my own house. It makes such a difference to come downstairs to a clean (ish) room in the morning… and I swear it keeps the place smelling a little fresher longer!
  • A place to chuck stuff at the last minute. If you clear a drawer in every room, then you have a place to quickly stash miscellaneous items as the buyer walks up the path to the front door.

3. A Show Routine

Get a routine organized that you can do on automatic as each showing appointment approaches. Do the order of the rooms the same way each time, so that it becomes second nature. Also, a similar path around each room makes it faster. That path should include light switches, pillows to fluff, smoothing out surfaces, shaking a curtain or two and spraying as you cast the last look back…

It boils down to, literally — Lights, Fabreze, Action!

The Bonus Tip is about the flowers. Rather than „silk“ (a.k.a plastic, who are you kidding?) I recommend paper roses. They look fantastic, completely real, never show dust and stay looking exactly the same for months on end!

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Source by Juliet Johnson

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