Home Sellers & # 39; Biggest Mistake in Summer Selling

If your home languishes on the market during the sweltering heat of summer, take a look at it. Buyers can not help the way they respond to houses. Everyone has natural instincts that influence their way of reacting to stimulation. The way you leave your home during the day can make or break your sale.

Home Sellers & # 39; Mistake

I've not previewed the houses I've previewed during the day when the sellers were working away. Many of the homes felt depressing. I could not wait for the next house. Why?

Because the sellers wanted to come home to a cool home, they left the window closed. Some times they left on a few lights just in case agents showed the house. But lights alone will not make your customers feel happy.

Support Your Home Buyers & # 39; Natural Instincts

Home Buyers Doing the home that makes you feel at home and happy. They so need to feel good and look at your home. This means that you want to support their circadian rhythm. Science has about the concept of circadian rhythm for a long time. Circadian rhythm is the body's natural internal clock, and it regulates all biological processes. Circadian rhythm depends on sunlight to keep our internal clock regular and healthy.

Even if you do not know anything about circadian rhythm, you're familiar with its effects. For instance, if you're getting sleepy in the mid-afternoon or if you're getting to work late at night, you're being guided by your body's internal clock. It's your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, so it's important to pay attention to your body's natural rhythm.

Although scientists have not identified themselves as having any of the factors involved, they are most important for keeping circadian rhythms in balance.

Do not make this big home seller mistake. Open all your window that does not cover up at unpleasing view. And if you have curtains hiding your next door neighbor's unsightly side yard or peeling paint, make sure the natural daylight filters through the curtain fabric. So keep your buyers happy – feeling great. Open your window coverings. Keep buyers looking at their home instead of leaving right away for the next house on their list.

Copyright © 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

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