For Sale By Owner Tips For Success

For Sale by Owner (or FSBO) signs are popping up through cities across the nation. Seems the homeowners are becoming more determined, or eliminate the real estate agent. Each FSBO has their reason for not using an agent. Others have had their past experiences with agents, and they can not do their job well; they can not afford to pay to agent. So there is the "experienced" home seller; they have purchased an agent.

What ever the reason, home sellers are determined to act as their own agent. Here are a few tips for you FSBO sellers to consider when selling your home.

  • CLEAN and STAGE, You must keep your home clean and clear away the clutter. Fancy the curb appeal by manicuring the lawn and adding flowers to a splash of color. In the "red clay" country (so many homes have a shabby or premature aged appearance due to the clay formed around the lower half of the exterior).
  • ADVERTISE. You must get your home in front of buyers. Dropping a sign in the front yard and telling the neighbors what you want to sell, do not cut it. You must use the publications in your area and invest money in advertising. So, you have to get your home online. There are several online resources; some are free to homeowners, that will allow you to list your property on high traffic websites. This is a technology based world, and buyers look for homes online. Avoiding the tech savvy world, is only avoiding potential buyers.
  • PRICE ACCORDINGLY, The number one mistake FSBO's make is pricing the property. Most buyers prefer to enlist the services of an agent (read my blog regarding Buyer's Agents) and will not buy a home without representation. Buyers who are willing to buy from the owner have one intention in mind; ironically the same intention as you FSBO's … SAVE MONEY. Do not become greedy, because buyers are educated these days and they have the power to make a living. Today's buyer wants to realize that YOU are not paying an agent, so they expect that their property should be lower than a listed home.
  • ALLOW a BUYERS AGENT to SELL your property, Understandably, some FSBO's feel the agent is the "enemy". Often, homeowners become inundated with calls from agents requesting to list the home; coupled with prior unpleasant experiences, this may cause the homeowner to resent agents. Not all agents are looking for the listing. If you are clear upfront (and in print) that you want to offer. If an agent has a buyer, and you want to sell, working together, the desired end result for everyone. True, you want to sacrifice a portion of your proceeds; however, it may make the difference between "for sale" and "Sold". Having your home sit on the market, net you ZERO proceeds. Offering a percentage of cash to a buyer;

Ultimately, a listed home will probably sell faster and for a higher than a FSBO property. The key is to find an agent that wants to work with you, and for you, Your prospective agent should be able to offer a guarantee.

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Source by Paula J Smith

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