For Sale By Owner Signs – Why They Are A Big Mistake

Every year, thousands of homeowners opt to avoid real estate commissions by listing their own homes without a Realtor®. It makes a lot of sense, why pay 6% of the sales price if you do not have to (especially in a down market like today)? There is nothing wrong with this thought process or the decision to sell by owner. However, the decision is made to avoid a black mark for sale.

Rather than using a For Sale By Owner sign, you should do one of two things. First you can design a custom sign that looks like a real estate company, but with your contact information. Realty, Properties, Real Estate or anything like that. It just should not say For Sale By Owner, By Owner, or anything of that nature. If the subdivision name or something else is in the spot where you would normally have the real estate broker name. MLS entry, use that broker's sign with your contact information on it (as long as it does not have the same type of & # 39; for sale by owner & # 39; s logos or url & # 39; s cheap signs from the hardware store have). You want to get the professional look with the Realtor® logos while still getting all the drive-by phone calls.

Almost any sign company on the internet can assist you in designing and printing a for sale sign. It may have a house on it, a snow scene if you live in the mountains or just be professional looking with stylized fonts in 2 or more colors. You should place an Equal Housing Opportunity logo on it. Make sure it's the standard size that you see in your area, search as 2 & # 39 ;, and if possible, have it installed on a wood post or H-frame. Many major cities have installation services that remove and post for real estate agents; again this adds to the professional look and feel of the sign.

Hassling you about listing your property with them. They are more likely to think you are already listed. (It is an ethical violation to approach the seller unsolicited and attempt to cancel their listing and switch listing agents). They are not likely to be involved in any way. You are also less likely to be approached by scammers who attempt to prey on unrepresented sellers with various schemes. Finally, the professional-looking sign wants to tell prospective buyers that you are serious about selling; you did not just throw a sign up on an overpriced property to see if you would pay your above market price.

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