For Sale By Owner – Pros and Cons to Sell My Own House

Are you a homeowner ready to sell your home? Thinking of being a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) without the assistance of a real estate agent? Let's go through the pros and cons on how to sell your own house.

Pros on FSBO

  1. You save money on commission because you do not have to pay a commission fee.
  2. You are in control. You get to pick the appointment times, how to negotiate with the buyer, and so on.
  3. You get the price of your own real estate listing.

Cons on FSBO

  1. You will probably sell your house for less than what it is worth. Without broker representation, it is difficult to price your house right without all the tools and resources.
  2. You may want to get the best exposure on the real estate market. Real estate agents have programs, devices, and methods about how to get your home fully exposed and seen while on the market.
  3. You do not get reliable feedback on how your listing is being represented. Other industry professionals may well but not always honest about how your home could improve.
  4. You are responsible for all legal forms and you take the risk of financial and legal liability.
  5. Things can therefore be very complicated in a real estate transaction, so you need to educate yourself in all areas of selling a house. You want to know who to contact for legal advice, home repairs, title companies, inspections, etc.
  6. It wants to be an interested and qualified buyer without prior experience.
  7. For those who are looking for a qualified buyer, they will be happy to help you.
  8. Almost all transactions have some hiccup or skew that complicates the deal. This is where a professional agent really becomes helpful because their job is to keep everything smooth and weed out. Selling your own home without an agent can be stressful and it is difficult to get it listed.

Yes, there is no doubt that this is the case when it comes to selling your home through FSBO. However, do not be discouraged if you want to stop by for sale by owner. Just try to make it as good as you can. It is highly recommended that you do a professional if possible. The process wants to be less stressful and complicated for you, making it an enjoyable experience to sell your house.

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