DIY Penis Rings for DIY Fun

The penis rings may be the most popular and widely used. Even though dozens of manufactured rings are available, some men prefer to go with a homemade version. A good DIY experience.

Why do you?

There are a number of reasons why you may prefer a DIY toy or online. Some of these reasons include:

1. Cost. There may be a wide variation in the cost of these special rings; a basic rubber model can only go up a dollar, but a more deluxe version with vibrating capacity can easily go $ 20 or higher. Frugal shoppers may prefer a DIY method to save a few bucks to spend on a special date (or to stock up on condoms).

2. Embarrassment. Some men just do not feel comfortable going into a store, standing in the sex toy. Even ordering online may be embarrassing for some men – or they just do not want to show up on their shared credit card statement.

3. Creativity. We are living in an increasingly DIY world; more and more, people like to have their own sex toys, so why not their sex toys? A homemade ring gives a man the opportunity to let the toy say something special about him.

4. Trial run. It's not a bad idea for a man to try out with the "pro" models.

What is a single use?

A penis ring is a circular device of the penis or (more usually) the penis and testicles. It restricts the flow of blood into and out of the penal; this can often increase both the firmness and the duration of a man's appreciation.

Anything that can fit around the genitals and provides some tightness can be used. Some popular DIY options include:

  • Shoelaces or other strings. This is one of the easiest options. Simply tie the genitals in the appropriate manner. Because it is tied, this option is easy to loose or tight as desired and usually easy to remove.
  • Rubber bands. These are so popular, although it's typically a good idea to use a good lubricant when applying; otherwise, the rubber bands can be painful when removing. There is also the risk that the rubber band may snap or become too tight.
  • Rubber bracelets. Many of the popular rubber bracelets found on the street are a perfect fit for a penis ring. Again, proper lubrication is required.
  • Plumber's rings. Many plumbing supply stores are used on a suitable size for genital rings.

Use with care

As any sexual toy, it must be taken when using a penis ring. Sufficient lubrication is always a good idea. Other things to remember are:

  • Use only for a limited amount of time. Someone wants to walk around with an appreciation for hours at a time, but this can cause damage to the penis. It's best to use a ring when embarking on a sexual experience (solo or with a partner) and then to remove it as soon as the experience is over.
  • If there is any pain, discomfort or numbness that occurs with the ring, loosen or remove it altogether.
  • Consult a doctor before using medications intended to treat erectile dysfunction.

A homemade penis can be an excellent introduction to this form of sex play; penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) for after-care. But also makes sure the cream contains L-arginine, an important ingredient in helping to maintain proper penis blood flow ,

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