An Expired Listing Letter Will Make Your Phone Ring

An Expired Listing Letter can help you generate more leads, get more listings and make more sales. It's a fact that many top producing agents can validate. However, do not expect an agent in your market to actually do it, because doing so could ruin their business.

On the other hand but underutilized tool with you. Why? Because chances are we're not in direct competition with one another.

5 Reasons For Starting An Expired Listing Letter Campaign Today

1) Expired listing Campaigns are effective and can be used on a consistent basis. So, let me ask you a question. How many listings are you currently on a weekly basis? That's what I thought. Want more? Then target expired listings … and start today.

2) Every letter you mail is highly targeted and goes to someone known to be interested in selling their home; someone who may have been motivated to sell. In fact, not only can you expect the owners to list their homes competitively, you can not do so.

3) Farming expired lists makes it easy and much easier. Mail ten letters a day, which takes on average less than thirty minutes, and you'll quickly find your way to a renewable source of leads.

4) When you place a "For Sale" Sign & Rider It will enhance your stature as a successful agent in your community. Every Passerby, Property Owner, Renter, and Investor in the Neighborhood Wants to Look to You as an Agent to Do Business with – And That Will Generate More Leads, Lists, and Sales.

5) Finally, at expired letter writing campaign can thus generate investment opportunities. Sometimes owners are willing to sell in a hurry, creating attractive investment opportunities.

The Sound of Success

So, do not procrastinate. Get yourself an Exploited Listing Letter set and start mailing letters today. And when you do that your phone wants to start ringing and when it does not be assured that callers want to do business with you. Can you ask for anything better?

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