5 Simple Steps to Make Your Website Available to FSBO Listing Machine

What do FSBO sellers care about most?

They care about selling their home and they think the best way to do it is by listing it themselves. They do not believe that they have any real estate value.

So how do you change this perception?

You can not change it by just talking to a FSBO and telling them how great you are. That's what it's all about. 99% of agents try to work with FSBO's and that's a strategy that's doomed to failure.

You can change the perception by making your website or blog a resource for FSBO's. Does this sound strange? FSBO sellers on the Internet are able to provide what they are looking for:

They want to expose their listing as many possible people as possible.

Here are 5 steps to make your website or blog a resource for FSBO sellers

  • List the most common mistakes that FSBO sellers make. FSBO sellers make and list them out.
  • Create an area or post for them. This is how you can see who is calling a home page with your phone number.
  • An area on your website dedicated to exposing lists for FSBO sellers. This is a nice way to add content to your website
  • Inform them how many times they need to follow-up with leads. Let's you know that you have to follow every inquiry.
  • Post market data so that they know what's going on in the marketplace. This will give them a clear idea of ​​the competition that they are facing.

The key is to make the information so overwhelming that they understand they need help. This will not happen overnight but it will generate FSBO listings each and every month for you.

I recommend that as you help FSBO sellers you get them to record a testimonial [http://www.onlinerealestatesuccess.com/instantaudio] for you that you can put on your website. If possible take a picture of the client as well as use that with the testimonial.

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