Why Does My Cat Pee Everywhere?

Whether your cat is old or young, male or female, anxious or mellow, he or she can get the idea that the litterbox is a good thing. The cat does this – and, of course, solve the problem.

Here are the first things you should do when your cat insists on stinking up your house. You & # 39; ll have to be patient while you work your way through this list, but soon your kitty wants to be back to doing his or her business in an appropriate place.

  • Your cat needs a full health checkup. In many cases, they're right in front of you when they're sick. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common health problems, which is your vet can treat. Even if that's not what's wrong with your kitty, your can track down and solve the problem.
  • Cats who are older or who have health problems (joint pains, for example), can not get in and out of the litterbox like they could when they were younger. Make the litterbox more accessible so that your kitty can get in and out.
  • The litterbox itself may be a problem. If you have more than one cat, you might need to put out extra litterboxes. The type of litter and how much you use it can be problems. You should also change the cat litter and thoroughly scrub the litterbox. The plastic tend to absorb urine smells, which can turn off housecats.
  • Sometimes Cats wants to act out of peeing all over your favorite things. This can be a sign that they're unhappy about something. Try giving your cat more (positive) attention. Extra playtime with his favorite toy can cure the behavioral issue. You can ask so your kitty: Feleway is one example.
  • Tomcats often spray anything they wish to mark as their own territory. Sterilization can improve this problem.
  • Elderly kitties can suffer from feline dementia. They honestly do not realize they're doing something wrong when they pee all over their clean laundry. Buy housebreaking pads – the disposable child that people use with puppies – and put them down where your kitty pees the most often. This will not convince her to use the litterbox, but cleanup will be much easier compared to what you're doing now.

You should do a few things when your kitty decides to mark something in your house.

  • Never hit the cat or rub her nose in the mess. Cats are not like human children: they do not understand that. You can not behave as the cat is doing it, but trying to teach the cat after the fact does not work very well. Instead of scolding kitty afterwards, catch it in the act and splash it with tap water from a spray bottle.
  • Completely clean the marked territory. Even if you can not smell the cat pee, the cat will. That's her sign to continue peeing there. Visit the pet store for a product that removes all of the pet odors.
  • Give your cat plenty of positive attention. Despite the stereotypes that surround felines, cats do bond with their humans. They want our attention and want to go to great lengths to get it from us.

Do not worry: you'll track down and solve the problem soon enough. In the meantime, be patient as possible. Your solution will come and you can resume the carefree relationship

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