Who Took My Square Footage?

In many areas of the United States, these are used by agents, buyers and sellers. It offers a way to evaluate and compare the size, quality and location. Agents and buyers use the square foot in this way because it is an easy characteristic of a house to understand.

Sellers want to count as much as possible for the County Attorney he falls out it has 2200 square feet, the seller might have a lawsuit on his hands. Some realtors are unwilling to provide footage information on their behalf.

Most Realtors® are not experts in measuring a home, and there are numerous ways to measure the square footage of a home. It is definitely a matter of measuring each room and adding up the totals. Different people can arrive at very different measurements; even the experts have different ways to do it.

Some architects measure square footage from the interior wall to the interior wall.

Some tax assessors measure it from the outside wall to the outside wall.

Some builders and even surveyors sometimes want to do it both ways.

And they do not assume the tax records are accurate, they often times are not.

You may wonder how hard it can measure a house.

If you have stairwells, do you include it on the main level or the upper level?

Do you include closet spaces?

What do you do with fireplaces?

What do you do with an attic that has been converted to a bedroom? What about a garage conversion?

What do you do with an office that is set up in an unfinished basement? The carpet is on the floor, heat, but the walls are not finished. Is this section considered finished or unfinished?

What constituents above grade square footage?

How do you count on a walk-out basement?

When does an enclosed porch count in square footage of the house?

Does a room have a closet to be counted as a bedroom?

Practices vary across the country as some multiple listing services do not put footage in their property information; others allow realtors to put in a range. Not all states require real estate form in Colorado. Even though Colorado has a disclosure form, it's still important for both buyers and sellers to understand the form and its implications.

A real estate licensee in Colorado is not required to measure the square foot of a house.

A real estate licensee in Colorado who takes actual measurements does not have to take exact measurement. But, the real estate licensee's objective must be to measure accurately and calculate competently in a manner that is not misleading.

A real estate licensee in Colorado must be disclose the manner or metrology in which the measure is taken.

The buyer and seller must be advised by the Real Estate Licensee in Colorado that they are marketing and not for a loan.

The Colorado buyer and seller should be sure that the exact location is correct.

If you are in doubt about the square footage of a home, regardless of where you live, hire a licensed appraiser. Many appraisers use ANSI standards. These standards are not law, only a voluntary guide, and are subject to periodic review and revision. If you would like to copy the ANSI Standard you can order it at NAHB.

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