What's Your First Marketing Piece?

When you're about to open your doors for business and you need to promote it, where do you start? Brochure? Website? Direct marketing package? Postcards?

One of my teachers, master copywriter Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy, says the best place to start is to write a sales letter.


To produce an effective sales letter, every aspect of your product or service. Hiring you or buying your product. This means researching and marketing your target market. It's every feature, benefit and advantage of your product or service. It means taking a detailed look at exactly what makes your product or service different from those of your competitors. It also makes you come up with the best ever call to action. Not to forget, well-crafted, stellar testimonials from your best clients.

Not only that, but you do it all in great detail and depth.

Now you can not use all the information in your letter, but you have to make a statement.

The challenging part of writing a sales letter is that you can not sit down to face with your prospect and answer questions. Instead of having to come to one's place in a letter.
So, when you're sitting across a table from them, you'll have to come back to the next step in your sales process. Not an easy task.

That's why it's a great idea to get started by writing a long and detailed sales letter even if you're not planning to send it.

Sure it takes time to gather all the details, analyze them and organize them in a way that flows through the sales process. But once you've done, you pretty much have all the information at your fingertips to put together any other piece of promotional material. It's all there in one document. Robin or Elevator Speech, it's ready in next to no time.

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Source by Maggie Dennison

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