Tips For Meeting With Your Real Estate Attorney When Buying Your First Home

The first thing you need to be aware of is that this meeting should be conducted professionally. It is a business meeting and your lawyer will be presenting him or herself with a lot of class. You may think that this seems a bit extreme, but it is not. Dress nicely, be on time, be cordial and polite, and above all else, be confident in yourself, your lawyer and the purchase you are about to make. Impress your lawyer and they will impress you with their knowledge and skill. Here are some specific things to do when you first meet with your lawyer.

  • Get to know your lawyer and give them the chance to get to know you, why you are looking for a home at this particular junction in your life, and why you feel you need their services. As you converse, gauge the lawyers level of interest in taking you on as a client. This first meeting will give each of you a feel for the other before making a business agreement that should be beneficial.
  • Listen to what your attorney has to say and do not explain everything from without letting your attorney speak. Remember, the real estate attorney has helped numerous clients that have been in the same position as you have and they understand your needs.
  • If at all possible, bring all of the documentation you have collected on the purchase with you and present it to your lawyer when asked. By providing them with this paperwork now, you save valuable time and money running back and forth with the bits and pieces of the process.
  • Do not be afraid to tell your lawyer everything – good and bad – in order to make sure they are equipped with all of the information they need ahead of time. There is nothing worse than having your lawyer shocked over a piece of information that should have been revealed. Anything you say to the lawyer is confidential and will remain that way even if you do not hire the lawyer and go with someone else.

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