The Benefits of Using a Realtor

Knowing the benefits of using a real estate agent whether you are buying or selling is important to understand so I will outline some of these reasons although there are probably many more that are not listed.

1. As a buyer, having your own realtor rather than using the list agent on a home is huge. The agent already has the best interest of the home owner and a contract to represent them and they know too much about the owner. The information that they already know may cost you by paying more than you could if represented by your own realtor. People think that you will get a better deal by using the realtor that has the home listed but this is not the case. They have a written contract and will simply make more money when your own realtor is not present.

2. You should also be using a realtor if you are buying a new home. The agent at the new home division represents the home builder and again, your best interest is not in the forefront when making the sale. Another myth is that you will get a lower price if you do not use a realtor when buying a new home.

3. When selling your home having a realtor handle all the negotiations, contracts, inspections and marketing for your home could not be more important. Most homes that go under contract and are sold by owner fall out of escrow. These numbers are extremely high as well as most lawsuits stem from for sale by owner sales. Just not a good idea.

4. These days so many homes are either short sales or lender owned homes. This makes for many more documents and things a buyer needs to understand which a realtor can help you sort out. Understanding what you are entering into when buying one of these homes is extremely important and you need someone who is familiar with the process.

5. At the same time, if you are selling your home as a short sale you must use a realtor for the transaction. Your lender will tell you to hire a good realtor that knows short sale transactions.

6. Beside the paperwork and negotiations, inspections and knowing about the builders, areas, and various other points of buying or selling a home a realtor should be well versed have much valuable information to answer all of your questions or concerns.

Bottom line, hire a good qualified real estate agent. As a buyer, you do not pay them anything to represent them so treat them well and let them do their jobs.

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Source by Nancy Niblett

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