Stop Foreclosure On Your Home

Foreclosure is a very frightening term. You've been blown away. Now, hard times have hit you. Maybe you lost your job, divorced, became disabled. Your mortgage holder has been working on your payments.

Threads about losing your home are in the air.

Did you know that? I will give you. But first, you must talk to your attorney about them. I am not an attorney nor do I pretend to be one. I am therefore not giving legal advice.

So on with the tips.

1. Contact the mortgage holder and work out another type of payment plan. The worst thing is that it is "no way".

2. Contact another lender and refinance.

3. Contact a Real Estate agent to sell your home.

4. Sell your home yourself.

5. Sell your home to an investor.

6. Claim bankruptcy.

7. Deed the house back to the bank.

If you do nothing you will get evicted.

I do not know if you do not know. Any equity you have is lost. You walk away with no money from this investment.

If you are going to buy your house yourself, consider the following points.

O Make sure your house looks nice both inside and outside. Some people get so depressed about what is going on.

O Begin by walking around your house with a garbage bag and gloves. Pick up all the bits of junk, papers, dead plants, everything that makes your yard look messy.

O Take the time to trim plants and bushes. Make your yard look really nice. Even plant some pretty bright colored flowers that do not cost much.

Do you have any questions? At least make sure the front door looks great. Please do not have any peeling paint showing.

O Inside your house, have it looking spacious by removing clutter.

O Get rid of any pet odors.

O Get rid of cigarette smoke. Make sure ashtrays are clean.

O If you want to have some scent in your house, be sure it is a light scent.

O Make sure you do not have cracked and peeling paint anywhere in the house.

The suggestions above will help to show the buyer that you have taken care of your property.

Other points to consider;

You have to be out of the market. You can easily get this information about real estate prices in your area by going into your favorite search engine and entering property appraiser and your county, or you can get a rental appraiser. You could contact a real estate agent for information.

Get a real estate lawyer you can not get by with out one. This is what you get. The real estate lawyer can help you and save you from making serious mistakes.

You will need to advertise in some way that your house is up for sale. At the very end of the day. Contact some non profit agencies to see if they can advertise for you.

On a final note, do allow buyers to comfortably examine your property in a relaxed environment. Do not appear over anxious.

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Source by Cecilia Davis

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