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On first glance the home appeared cluttered and undecorated. I looked around for her & # 39; feature collection & # 39; And concentrated on that. We redecorated the living room first, using things she already had on hand, even a swath of beige cloth she & # 39; d finished planning to make something with? As a swag for the bay window.

"Wow, you have some terrific art!" Let's put this all to work for you.

Her collection of Ansel Adams. We started by collecting her seven bold black and white prints matted in white with black frames. White walls were in good condition and the beige carpet was an attractive backdrop. We moved the gray-beige patterned sofa set away from the wall and focused it on the fireplace. She brought out some pewter candlesticks and a collection of red glassware to add to the mantle, but first we hung two of the Adams prints above the mantle. On an adjacent wall, we hung on the table. A red table runner adorned the top of it and held a pair of rejuvenated lamps on either end. In the center, a red glass bowl held pinecones from her garden.

In an open corner, we stood a tall bookshelf, a red upholstered winged armchair, and hung the last two Adams prints in a vertical display to Accent a reading corner. A small round table covered with a soft gray cloth and a piece of white. Books elevated some photos, and an open book on one side of the table indicated someone liked to read.

A length of beige fabric in a small pattern swagged over the curtain. White mini-blinds were kept in place for light control, but the beige fabric offered a softer window surround.

Red and gray throw pillows and a deliciously warm red throw were added to the back of the pit group sofa for color and style. Isolated on a white background. Stock photography Beautiful young woman in a white dress. Isolated on a white background. Nothing else was needed.

Whether you're in the Denver Metro area or not, the Rocky Mountains can rock your world.

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