Search Engine Basics For Realtors

Search Engine Optimization often looks like a dark art performed by wizards with a keyboard. But the reality is that's much like anything else, there's a process and given the right amount of effort anything is possible.

We're going to cover the basic concept in this article.

What does google look for?

Keep in mind this is a basic introductory article and that is Google's own lot of patents. So we're focusing on the most important elements. We're going to break this down into two pieces.

1. On-site optimization – what do you think about your site?

2. Off-site optimization – Things that are not part of your site search as links from other websites.

Let's get started with on-site optimization.

There's one general rule I use here. If you are a normal person, you can use it to help. So that includes the text on your website, pictures on the site and the title tag.

Let's talk a little about the title tag. The Title Tag is just a piece of html code inserted just after the head tag. It looks like this Belleville Real Estate.

, You can see what a title tag is saying about a site at the very top of your browser, right above the File Edit View Menus. This is perhaps the most important element on your site to optimize. Google uses this tag in the search engine results to describe your site as it puts a lot of importance on it. So if your site is about Belleville Car Sales.

.When Google sees this page what do you think it is? That's right "Belleville Car Sales". Google does the same with the rest of the site, but the most important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and most local companies may be the ones you need to focus on when optimizing your site.

Let's move to off-site optimization.

Again this is not as complicated as many people think it is. Think of trying to rank high in Google like a popularity contest. The person with most friends and most important friends win. Ranking highly in Google is the same process. The websites are the better it is for you. The New York Times is better than your cousin & # 39; s son's MySpace page.

To break that down more, 1 link from the New York Times is worth 1000 links from web sites, you get the idea.

Links from sites which are better as well. Realtor makes sense and helps Google understands you should rank for Real Estate related terms. So you can guess what the best link would be? Yep, a topic related link from a highly authoritative site. For a realtor that would be a link from a site like

The next piece to link to something is the anchor text. Anchor text is the text you see in blue looking at a link. Your anchor text needs to be keyword focused. Again a link with anchor text like, "Belleville Real Estate" helps Google understand your site is about "Belleville Real Estate". The more sites that use the anchor text, means the more you vote for that keyword.

That's it! Rinse and repeat, get more links from related sites, get the higher you will rank.

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