Salsa dancing in Germany?

It sounds a bit odd, but I started salsa in the unrecognized location of Heidelberg, Germany.

While playing for a study abroad program, the summer program includes a bit of salsa. The teacher, Voytek, hailed from Poland.

On the first day of the class there were Georgio, the Italian student that every girl I have appeared to know, an associate of George, myself, and about thirty girls.

I wished I had a camera.

With those odds, it did not matter that I had never danced salsa before.

In addition to practicing, which did not quite fly with Voytek. I played a bit of soccer myself, but during non-salsa time since I was getting better at it.

The practice schedule starts at twice a week and increases rapidly during the week before the end of the program we practice every day. For the first week we drilled the basic steps and then we worked into combos. Voytek wanted to put on a good performance for the closing party so he spends a lot of time creating the choreography and splicing music together.

Since the beginning of the program I had been looking for a saxophone. I decided to approach Voytek, since he lived Heidelberg and spoke German better than I did. Once he heard that I played, he got this idea in his head of using it for the salsa performance. He called something like twenty times and finally one would would a saxophone for a short period of time without being a German citizen. It was not the best instrument and some of the lower notes did not work so well, but we decided on playing # Tequila & # 39; before running backstage to regroup

We kept up our practice of the choreography that Voytek put together on the improv section towards the end. The dance instruction was the best did not speak German the best. And when Voytek spoke in English a few of the Russians could not understand. One misunderstanding that stood out when what Voytek told us to do in a circle, a word of which had no clue of meaning.

At first i danced with a girl from croatia, but she did not make all the practices. (This was during the pre-Borat period).

The night of the final celebration what my first salsa performance ever. It was not perfect, but the show was a lot of fun and i think we danced pretty well.

Dancing salsa was not exactly my planned activities for my time in Germany, but it ended up being a great experience. I have worked on and improved. The dancing environment is very friendly and a fun way to socialize and get a little exercise.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Neal Battaglia

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