Rising Property Prices

A rise in mass property prices owes to many factors and becomes the cause to a general downfall and hinders economic growth. The whole money market plays a part in giving rise to the prices of properties, commodities, assets, factors of production and so on. Population is increasing at a rate hard to register as normal though governments are trying hard to decrease it some how. Whether the nations are developed or the third world countries however this growth is universal. When population increases there is naturally a massive increase in basic needs of survival. Shelter is primary, and then comes food and clothing. There is an increase in the general demand for all these requirements.

Inflation is a world recognized menace that is observed throughout the world. When natural calamities hit countries and the whole nations are wiped out rebuilding and reconstruction is the biggest problem that is faced. The after maths of wars requires the same thing. We keep hearing about the speculations made by experts that property prices are raising and they will keep on rising till a normal person will not be able to afford a single roomed house that easily and unless he has enough money to meet the price. Property market these days might be enjoying a blooming trend and many a landowners take this as a positive notion. They can earn more money whether they auction off their properties or whether they sell their properties or earn from their properties in some other way. Dealers will always prefer scenarios that appear lucrative to them. It is of little concern to them whether anyone suffers or not.

Low interest rates tend to increase the property prices as well. When this happens, banks giving loans get to charge higher rates of interest creating credit double fold. For most property dealers this period becomes a quick way of becoming rich in a short time.

Property taxes work as a price increasing factor. These taxes are levied upon owners because governments need taxes in order to run the country. What property owners do is to simply shift this financial burden on to the consumers.

It is profitable for some while at the same time a disastrous situation for the citizens, especially the middle class men. It is hence, advisable for the state of affairs to keep a balance between the prices to ensure a gradual and healthy economic prosperity

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Source by Jonathon Hardcastle

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