Real Estate Listing and Negotiation – What Stories Can You Tell?

One of the best ways to convert more listings in commercial real estate is to tell more stories. It’s the quality of the stories that you choose in each circumstance that will help you win the business. Stories capture the interest of the prospect.

Most invitations to list a property will involve many agents competitively tendering for the same clients business. Most successful listing appointments are achieved through connecting with the client in a meaningful and relevant way, given the existing status of the property market locally. You can help this process greatly by telling a story or two from the market.

So how can you be highly effective in the client listing process? You develop a group of stories that you can use in the sales or listing presentation. They have to be well considered and relevant to the existing listing. You should have a number of them to use at any time.

When you think about it, you can select many stories of different types relating to activity and history in the property market.

The stories you use should be carefully crafted for the positive outcomes they create. Consider the following stories by the sales or leasing category:

  1. Property information stories can easily be told with relativity to other properties in the area.
  2. Stories relating to prices, rents, and outcomes can be selected from other listings in the area.
  3. Happy tenants, buyers, landlords, and sellers, are good subjects to use with selected properties.
  4. Time on market stories should always be told so that the client knows the timeframes they are working within.
  5. Select some stories of difficult properties that were hard to sell or rent and yet achieved positive outcomes.
  6. Clients that made the right decisions under situations of pressure are worth referring to in your listing stories.
  7. Fears will always be evident in the marketing of property. The client will have challenges which they will not always openly share. Help the client through these fears by telling stories of success in property sales or leasing.
  8. Marketing stories are always interesting and give the clients ideas and alternatives when they are considering the marketing of their property.
  9. Find some stories relating to other properties in the same street or location. It is these details which will capture the attention of the client.
  10. It is worthwhile having a few stories relating to the failed marketing campaigns of other competitive agents in your area. Other properties that have struggled will highlight your fresh relevance and good marketing ideas.
  11. Closing stories are great for leverage and influence. Have some stories relating to significant successes that your office has achieved in the local property market over the last few months.

It is remarkable how telling stories will assist the listing and negotiation process. Sometimes the client just needs a reason to listen and understand; stories achieve this and they relieve the pressure of the presentation. Well selected stories capture the challenges of the existing property and the clients thinking.

They say the best salespeople are the best storytellers. It is this ability to capture the attention of the client in a meaningful and relative way which helps your listing or negotiation processes. Select the stories to use and carry them with you for just that right moment in listing.

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Source by John Highman

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