Prostate Massage – How Much Is Enough? How Much is Too Much?

Prostate massage is one of the most powerful tools for healing a painful prostate. It's not because of the massage itself. It is because of what the massage does for your body.

Prostate massage better enables the prostate gland to heal itself.

There are no drugs, nor can there ever be any, that can compare with what Mother Nature can do to heal your body.

What does it mean? It is the freshest blood that enables you to cleanse and heal itself.

Where 99% Of Prostate Problems Come From

Most problems of the prostate gland come from just four sources:

1) Toxic accumulation

2) Lack of oxygen and nutrients

3) Inadequate nutrition

4) Too much sex

Correct prostate massage wants to take care of the first two. Moderation (and even extended period of rest) wants to take care of the third. Learning what to do with your body will cover the fourth.

With this knowledge and tools you can handle over 99% of all prostate problems. Even the most long term, chronic, and terrible ones.

How Much Prostate Massage Is Enough?

How much should you massage your prostate? That answer is different for each individual. It depends on the condition of your prostate and what the problem or problems are.

But, consider prostate massage just like an exercise program.

If your body is sick, weak, and out of shape, you can not do too much exercise. The same wants to be true for your prostate gland.

And if your prostate is already in pain, sick and weak you do not want to make it worse.

When you first begin, it is very important to ALWAYS to be very gentle. You're not usually going to fix a prostate problem in just one day. Neither are you going to become a Mr. America bodybuilder after just one day in the gym. Make sense?

Persistence Is Key

Persistence is a key factor with prostate massage. Slow and sure like the tortoise wants to be your quickest way to success.

When a man does too much massage or massages too hard, it can cause some real pain.

This is just like most people who buy gym memberships. Did you know that all people will buy gym gym members, most people will use that gym just 4 times. Just 4! Then they give up and never return.

Why? Because they are too much in the beginning. All their muscles hurt after that. They feel crappy and irritable. So they quit! It all went wrong because they did too much too soon.

Do not let that happen to you with your prostate massage program.


Be gentle. Especially during the first massages.

It's much better to feel like you're not doing enough than to feel like you did too much.

After the first internal prostate massage, wait a few days before doing another one. If you are starting the external prostate massage it can be done every day.

But, the internal prostate massage is usually much more intense. You are contacting the prostate directly. You're not massaging through a layer of muscle and fat with this massage.

You can compare this to weight lifting and walking. Walking you can do every day. But, weight lifting is most effective when done just 2 or 3 times a week. This is because weight lifting is much more intense. The body needs more time to rest, clean up and recover from it.

How Much Massage Is Too Much?

I'm sure by now you're probably getting the idea. Any amount of pain is too much.

In the beginning there will usually be some normal tenderness. And the next day or two may easily result in some added soreness. This is a natural phenomenon. During your first few massages you're going to be releasing a lot of accumulated toxins. These toxins have been accumulating for years!

When they are stirred up they can not only treat their prostate gland, but their whole prostate area. This is what causes the normal soreness on following days.

Then the blood will slowly flush them away.

The same thing can happen if you have not massaged your prostate for a long time.

Other than that, if you are experiencing pain during your massage you are either being aggressive or you are massaging for too long a period of time. Or both.

Anytime you feel pain or serious discomfort: STOP what you are doing immediately! Then continue gentle or stop all together. Come back to another day.

PAIN means you are doing too much, or pushing too hard, or both.

Let Your Body Be Your Guide

After you have undergone prostate massage for a number of weeks, you & # 39; ll learn how much feels good and what is uncomfortable. Stay with what feels good. Once you are accredited to them, the massages should actually be very refreshing. Just like exercising.

Never go past the point of comfort. That's your best guide. It wants to be different from man to man. So make progress slowly and find what is best for you.

If Your Prostate Hurts Before You Even Start Massaging

If you are already suffering from a prostate pain, you may not be able to do any internal prostate massage at first. In fact using the internal massage in this circumstance could be a very bad idea.

In this case, the vibrating massage and sitting bath are the best choices.

Once you start feeling better, you can progress to the external prostate massages.

The internal massage (because of the direct contact) is the strongest and fastest acting. But, in a lot of pain to begin with.

As you progress and your pain decreases, the internal prostate massage can be tried.

Always Be Safe

Always consult your doctor first. Rarely, a medical condition may exist that could make the internal massage dangerous. This usually occurs only in the men of advanced age. Certain types of hemorrhoids, polyps, fissures, colon disease, certain prostate cancers, and just plain old age may be a problem.

If that is the case, you can still build health and find a tremendous amount of relief with gentle external massages and peripheral massages.

Always remember: It's always wise to check with your doctor first. Especially if you have any doubts about your condition. This will enable you to proceed with the correct type of massage with complete confidence.

Doing The Correct Amount

Prostate massage is not a competition. Neither is it a test of endurance.

The whole idea with massage is to get more fresh blood in and toxins out. That's it! After that the body does everything else on it's own.

So start slowly. Do not cause yourself pain. Be regular with your practice.

When your prostate regains health: your pain disappears, you are peeing normally again, and you & # 39; ll notice your whole life becomes a happier one! Your entire spirit and zest for life wants to improve.

That's what the prostate massage can do over 98% of men with prostate problems accomplish.

Be Well …

~ William

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