Pros and Cons of Public High Schools

The trend of parents taking home and their children each year. There are many reasons why families choose to do this, and some of them are not the right reasons. There are many good reasons to do it, but make sure yours are sound. If you are not sure how to feel, or you are feeling guilty for not doing it, think about the good and the bad public high school in your area before you make your final choice.

Some families pull out children from high school to home school them because of violence and drugs. These are two very good reasons to do it. If you are a student, you can not afford to take a private school tuition or home schooling. If your child is being bullied, this is a good reason, but do not pull them out because of small adjustment problems. They need to learn to deal with peers. Without this, they are going to flounder in college and in the work force.

Another good reason to pull your kids out of a high school is when they are in the middle and elementary school. It could not be the attention they need. Make sure this is the problem though, as some students have learning disabilities that show up in high school that have nothing to do with the level of education. If you feel your attention wants to learn them, perhaps home schooling is a good idea for your family.

There are some bad reasons to pull your children out of public high schools. Your child may be doing just fine, and sometimes they are excelling. If you have a very smart child, there are things you can do through the high school that you can not offer them at home. They just do it because they feel like it, which happens quite often. If they have dreams of college, and you can not teach them trig or calculus, you may want to rethink what you are about to do and why you really want to do it. Remember, even though your child may have some issue with peers and may struggle with some grades, there is more to public high schools than you may realize, especially for higher education.

There are lessons in high school that they do not get from home schooling. These include being on time, following a schedule, dealing with tricky person to person relationships, answering to authority, making the right choices, and learning how to say no. They can learn through home schooling, but so many parents take a lax approach because they can and their children miss out on these valuable life skills. Home schooling can work, but make sure you are up to the challenge before you dive in. Education is more than what shows up in the classroom.

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