Natural Alternatives For Keeping Your Horse

Weeds can not be traded in any way. If pastures are not fertilized, if they are eroded, underwatered, trampled or overgrazed, the past becomes stressed. A stressed pasture is a haven for harmful weeds. It does not make for quality forage for grazing hay. Careful management of your horse pasture must be considered to eliminate weeds. Animal impact, mechanical, or chemical.

Mechanical methods would include mowing, plowing, or even bulldozing. If done before we develop seeds, it can be very effective for the management of annual weeds. If you choose to do so, it may be a good idea to do so.

Goats can eat many plants that are poisonous to goats. Goats wants to eat sumac, poison ivy, ragweed, kudzu and many other undesirable plants. In turn, they produce meat, milk, or wool. However, if you choose animal impact, you will need fencing, supervision and in some cases. Some animals may also be needed for weed control may.

Environmental concerns for manure management can not be looked at when managing your horses. Depending on where you live and how much land you have manure can be spread, composed, or removed. There are strict code enforcement laws in some areas that require to be placed in a dumpster and removed on a regular basis. Hopefully it wants to be spread or taken somewhere to be beneficial. Manure does not always break down easily in landfills. A properly managed manure pile can be future if it is managed correctly.

To make sure it is a good environment and not a toxic dump. With some planning it is possible to choose natural methods to create your own horses. Choosing natural methods can make your horse farm a more pleasant haven for you and your animals.

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Source by Fran Mullens

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