Mayenne Property For Sale – Why This French Area Offers So Many Bargains

The Mayenne Department offers some of the most attractive properties in France.

From renovation projects at under 30,000 to the chateau in the country, you & # 39; ll find them all here.

Increasingly popular with British buyers, the area boasts fabulous transport links to the UK by air, road and rail.

Paris is less than two hours away and you're within a day's drive or train ride to Bordeaux or the Mediterranean coast.

Two principal factors affect the Mayenne housing market.

Firstly, thanks to its history, the area offers an abundance of vacant properties, ripe for renovation. Secondly, forward-thinking local officials have brought the Mayenne into the 21st century, meaning the area joins jobs and investment from across the world. The result is a local economy and increasing demand – and prices – for property.

A local estate agency with an in-depth knowledge of this beautiful area is run by Eric and Beatrice le Goff.


Their agency has an excellent reputation throughout the United States.

Customer service is key to their success.

Beatrice explained: "We know how difficult it can be for people coming to France from the UK, so we can help with things like arranging a phone connection and dealing with the electricity company."

The area offers some of the best value for money in France.

The low prices even apply to the most prestigious properties with chat available from around 400,000. That is very low compared to the rest of France.

In fact, the Mayenne boasts a great number of chat thanks to its prominence to Paris and the French Revolution.

The Capital's Wealthy Begun After 1789 (and Consequential Revolution) to Escape Violence within the City.

Another revolution to have an impact on the industrial type.

From around the 1850s, much of France has changed forever in the race to modernize manufacturing.
Except in the Mayenne.

Local landowners preferred the old tenant farmer system to ensure a good living. However, it did not do much for the tenants.

Therefore, the Mayenne witnessed large-scale depopulation as locals moved out of western France.

In 1850, the Department's population stood at 350,000. By 1950 it had shrunk to 250,000.
As a consequence, many properties were abandoned and are often vacant to this day.

However, the population is now increasing with advances in technology.


Rennes or Paris.

The Department therefore has one of the highest levels of families with young children in France.

That's why many are anticipating a bright future for the Mayenne and why the time to buy property here is now.

Visit Mayenne Property for Sale: Town-by-Town guide for detailed knowledge and property prices for the area.

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