Marketing Your Home Care Business With Your Own Book

In the past, writing your own book has been considered a time consuming and expensive process. Self-publishing is a wonderful way to get your book on the market, but how? Most business owners have no idea where to start or how to proceed. Now there are many options that make the process easy and affordable. Having a book "ghostwritten" for you is a very viable option, keeps the "hassle factor" minimal, and gets your book in your hands much faster than doing it yourself. Ghostwritten books of all genres have become very popular. Between $ 30,000 – $ 50,000 on average. Dan Rather, William Shatner, Hillary Clinton, Lee Iacocca – and so many more famous people- had books ghostwritten for them – and they became best-sellers!

Having your own book opens many doors:

  • Imagine the attention you want to get in your community as you become the "go-to expert" for your eldercare or senior service business.
  • Speak to more groups.
  • Turn more leads into client
  • Gain the trust of more referral sources.
  • Enjoy "the instant credibility factor".

Today there is a "low cost" way to have your own book, and enjoy the credibility and trust that comes with being an author.

Keith Ferrazzi from Fast Company comments on the power of being a published author for you and your business: While following these steps, I guarantee you'll begin to see your personal and organizational cachet grow in the marketplace. And if you complete a step five, and have that book in hand, you'll enter a club I never knew existed. Because being a thought leader does take a hard work, people have tremendous respect for those who have taken it to the final stage. And they put their money where their mouth is ….

Wall Street Journal, Career Journal Build Your Own Brand To Rev Up Your Career William Arruda says: "Whether you're a sole proprietor, president of a small business or a large-company manager, you must differentiate yourself to succeed, build and communicate your unique personal brand."

In response to this need, companies like LTC Expert Publications developed a 130-page book for eldercare and senior service providers called: "The Senior Solution: Secrets to Maintain Independence and Choice for Life." This exception book, ghostwritten by Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, has customizable portions throughout. Except for completing the template for the chapters and book covers, all the work is done for the business owner. Within 30-60 days, they become an author of a great book.

Imagine this conversation: "Hello, Melissa, my name is Jim Brown and I'm the author of the book" The Senior Solution: Secrets to Maintain Independence and Choice for Life. "

Maybe you & # 39; ve read it. It's a great book on the subject of elder care. I understand that you are the program chairperson of the local Women's Business Owners Association and I just wanted you to know that I am available to speak to your group at an upcoming monthly meeting. And, I'll be glad to give one of my books after my speech. I know your membership wants to appreciate the information because it's one of the hottest topics today. "Imagine Melissa & # 39; s response -" I LOVE to speak to you! "If you've ever been a program chairperson for a civic club you know that you are ALWAYS looking for reliable speakers.

Or, imagine this conversation:

"Hello Ms. Shields. My name is Mary Peters and I'm calling about your inquiry on the internet about our services." My new book, "The Senior Solution: Secrets to Maintaining Independence and Choice for Life." And I & # Imagine Ms. Shields response – "I LOVE to have a copy of your book" Anyone in the senior service or eldercare business knows how much a caregiver appreciates any additional After all, you wrote the book on eldercare and senior services!

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Source by Valerie VanBooven

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