Make Money Online – How You Can Earn at Least 100 a Day

Almost everyone who has an online business dreams of making millions from his or her venture. But the majority of such ambitions turn into pipe dreams because the wannabe netpreneurs end up chasing many rabbits at a time.

The best option for you is to think consciously, and aim at achieving a single goal, at least to begin with. Start small and aim for $ 3,000 a month, or in other words, $ 100 a day.

I have personally learned from experts about many different proven ways of making money online. Initially, I was also tempted to chase many rabbits, at once. And I found I was getting nowhere, until I decided to concentrate on one thing at a time. After beginning small, I built up my earnings, steadily. Once my business was stable, I diversified into many areas.

So, learn from my experience, and don't get distracted by too many interests, in the initial stages of your business. If earning $ 100 a day appears small to you, what about $ 700 a week, or $ 3,000 a month? If you look closely, you'll find that all three are the same.

As you go about realizing your dream of an assured earning of $ 3,000 every month, you could opt for a short, medium, or long term model. Short term models are measured weekly, while the medium and long term models are measured monthly and quarterly / yearly, respectively.

In the short term, you could aim to sell a low-cost product (say, at $ 10). To earn $ 100 every day, you need to sell 10 units of your product.

If you double the price of your product from $ 10 a unit to $ 20, you will find that you only have to sell half the number of products, to be able to achieve the same sales turnover.

Then, you offer something of value (say $ 5) in the form of a related item, to go with your main product, as a free bonus. For instance, one of five buyers might accept your upsell offer. On a weekly basis, this translates into $ 35 extra.

Next, you can offer a high value package (say, $ 50) at a substantially discounted rate to previous buyers. If 10% bite your bait, you can garner additional weekly earnings of $ 175.

Finally, a backend product priced at $ 25 within a week of selling the first one, and a conservative conversion rate of 3 out of 10 previous buyers will add $ 250 weekly.

The medium term model aims at consistent monthly earnings with a product of recurring use. Create a membership model and charge $ 10 a month from 300 members, and voila, you have your target of $ 3,000 for the month. You would have noticed that all the hard work is done upfront, only in the first month.

In the long-term model, with its quarterly or annual computation of income, you need to build something that has the potential to create revenue for the buyer, and sell it to him or her, such as content websites, or software development. The important consideration is whether you are ready to put your immediate profit concerns on hold, and aim big.

To summarize, some of the ways you can start off by earning $ 100 a day are: niche marketing, software creation, branding, ghostwriting, creating and selling software online, providing offline benefits thorough online services, using the internetto play the MLM game the right way, eBay slling, trendmarketing, writing articles, graphics, infoproduct creation, internet based greeting card system, teleseminars, public domain works, membership sites, resell rights, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

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