Knowing When to Set Out For Sale by Owner Property Signs

Look at your local ordinances before placing your "for sale" signs on your local road ways. Many jurisdictions have requirements and road conditions which you need to know about. Failure to do your research could have made your sign and may even cost you a fine.

For example, if you're an agent working under a broker's license, in addition to anything else you may put on the sign, you must have the broker name, logo and telephone number listed on the sign or you may find yourself in violation of the law. Another example may be only up during certain days and / or times. The laws / ordinances vary by local and are not the same for everyone.

It may not even be limited to the law for roadways, so you may want to check out your HOA or Condo Association. There's a lot to think about, but be a good neighbor and stay within the law. Consult your local governmental agency or similar.

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