January Jumble

The first month of the year,
A perfect time to start all over again,
Changing energies and deserting old moods,
New beginnings, new attitudes "
Charmaine J Forde

It's a brand-new year and I'm looking forward to it ? The best way for me to get into that scary but exciting headspace is to do nothing better than taking stock of my own's and giving to those that have not. On the surface I take some time to do some of these things during the holiday season and quite frankly I'm just starting to do some refreshing and rejuvenating and renewing things at the start of a new year.

This year I came up with my "top 5" list for each month of the year. I'm not a fan of tackling too much in a short amount of time. My reason is simple, everything I want to get my hands on needs the dedication, time and care about thoughtfully and lovingly and, I'll be honest, everything has a memory attached to it and I want to allow it for that impromptu trip down memory lane. I know that I want to get up and take a look at it. I'll give you the whole month to get through my list because of the other thing a third. It all depends on what comes along with it.

This year my focus for January is all about organizing, sorting and storing my holiday decorations, gifts, cards and winter gear. Here is how my thought process formed …

My daughter has adopted the task of being the household decorator of all things during the year go from one celebrity to the next. Boxes are stacked neatly in a corner for easy access and the decorations change almost daily if they happen to go to the store to buy something new (ugh).

Once the holiday is over I'm ready to clean up but she is not so I start thinking about how I want to tackle the clean-up once. It's just too sad of a chore to join in the clean-up so I gladly do my share and take that task on by myself. During the clean-up period, the next year or so will be over. I then create new ways to pack all the decorations so I do not have too many boxes going back into the attic. It's challenging and fun to do that puzzle together.

So, when I thought about putting the decorations on this year, I realized that some of the holiday gifts were still piled up in a corner and so on next year what will I do with all the gifts? I am an absolute supporter of donating whether it be food, time, clothing, or services so I knew that would be the opening station at home. I would need everyone's help with making those decisions.

Are you ready for the list? Here we go:

Set up a recycling and donation station that is accessible for all hands at any time or for this particular project or set up through the year.

Organize, label, and make sure that your home decor is safe and secure.

Break up empty gift boxes and card boxes and wrap them tightly together for recycling. I have a few rolls of colored vinyl tape in the garage so I use that as my wrapping material. The recycling company in my area picks it up with the garbage each week so it makes it easier for me and the guys to enjoy the single bundle so it's a win / win.

Recycle Christmas trees and wreaths. Or would you like to have a local recycling company in your area or maybe your landscaper wants to haul it away for a small fee or you can find a local recycling company in your area that takes debris like trees , shrubs, etc. One town near you has the entire month of January available for you to take off your tree with a few guidelines to follow and set times. Knowing the tree wants to get a second chance to make good use of the land.

Save as much as you can next year. Another idea is to donate the front of the cards.

Ronald McDonald.

Ronald McDonald.

Ronald McDonald house.

It's at this point where you can go through those gift items Let's go through my own closets of "stuff" So, I decided to go to winter clothing this month. Please consider donning clothes, boots, gloves, scarves, hats, coats, shovels, scrapers, sweaters, flannels, electric heating blankets, pads or rubs and creams, hand warmers, socks, knee hi stockings, shawls, jeans, etc.

Last thought: If you find that every month this year you would want to declare your pantry and give it to you throughout the year instead of just at Thanksgiving time canned goods, pasta, cereals, anything boxed or canned that can be made into a hot meal.

And just like that was my top 5 Sheesh!

I hope you have fun with it. Allow your imagination and creativity to bloom and grow while going through this list. If it's easier for you, save your new list for February. If you are really ambitious just remember how January feels like the longest month of the year so go ahead and tackle your emerging ideas as they happen. Good Luck and I'll see you back here in February.

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