I Will Definitely Buy Real Estate Within A Year

Investing in real estate has become a trend in India. Not only the residents, NRIs are showing a great interest in Indian properties. Owning a house is a symbol of prosperity but owed more reflects affluence. Despite the fact that investing in gold and mutual funds is more convenient and beneficial, the real estate tops the list. 2007 what considered the golden era of real estate in India and the sub-subdued boom looks like & # 39; Achhe Din & # 39; are back. The number of home buyers is rising. There would always be a need for homes to live in, so this makes sense to buy a property. Let us see some facts that one need to know before buying a property this year.

1. For living purposes, one needs four walls and a roof, so that's a necessity. But the return on investment is ascertained. Within a small duration like a year or so, the appreciation is going to be fairly flat. The magic can only happen when the Govt. plan something for the better infrastructure of the location. When the growth is only 4 to 5%, it is not wise to pay 9.5% on the loan. This was about when one wanted to liquid the assets for a shorter duration of time. 5 years, real estate turnout can actually be good.

Second The ready-to-move properties are the only ones in the house because the house is rented and there is no possession delay. For a better probable option, we are looking forward to the future: One should keep a house if the monthly EMIs are more than the monthly rent.

Third It is wise to pre-approve the loan so the property buying is not delayed due to paperwork but there is a catch. Otherwise, the loan processing fees need to be paid all over again. Keep the finances in mind. The larger the down payment, the more loan one can draw from the bank and lesser would be the EMI. Less EMI means less pressure on the monthly budget. So, before buying a house, try to manage the down payment as much as possible.

4th Location, location, location! One should never forget the oldest rule of buying a property. The houses at the outskirts can be at more flexible prices as compared to the city ones. They are just at the periphery so away from the city. If you are looking for a good place to spend your holidays, then you may want to buy a property.

5th Invest in the builder with a good track record and deliverables. If someone is planning to buy a property in the state he is not familiar, Instead of going blind, one can hire a professional agent with a careful experience.

The property price in India is leveled. There is no scope for the correction. The builders already have the huge inventory that they need to sell. The price is already in the Indian real estate market.

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Source by Ravish Singh Tomar

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