How to Sell a House By FSBO Without a Real Estate Agent – Part 1

There are numerous real estate investor ways regarding how to sell a house by owner. Before I reveal to you how to sell a home without a real estate agent, you might want to know basic fundamentals first. As a real estate investor, I have never used a real estate agent to buy or sell any formerly lived in home. To be truthful, realtors just slow down the process, and they want too much money for doing so.

Experienced real estate investors roll their sleeves up and complete the job themselves, and most likely, at least for me, I get a quick house sale. Sure, there is always that certain home that will take longer to sell than expected, and there is usually that single house of which I presume will take a long time to sell and it sells in one day, but most of the time I sell them inside of days or a couple of weeks. I even offer an approach that sells a house in 9 days.

Did you know that approximately 80% of the homes sold are sold to individuals who are currently reside in the same neighborhood? So does not it make sense to let everybody close by your neighborhood know that your property is available for purchase? It could take a little bit of work on your part, but if all goes as planned, that little bit of work may yield fast results.

For the most part FSBO's, despite the fact that the property owner is trying to sell, many of them do not know the ways to sell a house by owner. It is my guess that most of them sell as a FSBO just because they are attempting to save the real estate agent commission. I do not blame them, but many do not know how to sell a house just like the real estate investors do it.

What I do is this: I place anywhere from 1 to 4 hand painted signs in the front yard. I then create flyers that tell anything and everything a potential buyer really should know about the home, and about how I am selling it. I affix the flyer box to the front of the house, or on a stake close to the front door. Always keep the box stuffed with flyers, do not allow it to run out of flyers like most realtor flyer boxes, and at all times make people get out of their vehicles and walk up towards the front of the house to grab a pamphlet. Why? Because, if the house is vacant, I would like to entice every potential buyer to glance in the windows just for them to get a closer look. Make certain you leave your blinds or curtains wide open.

You may not believe this, but I pay a visit to a sign shop and I obtain white blank Coroplast signs, the size of a basic realtor sign. I obtain different color paint pens from an arts and crafts store. Next, I travel to the hardware store and purchase a can of pink fluorescent paint. Lastly, I hand-paint a sign in several colors and I spray the edges with the pink fluorescent paint. It stands out like nothing you have ever seen! Plus, it is very important that potential buyers believe they are dealing with an inexperienced homeowner. Then, I place the signs in the front yard and on all four corners of the 4 major intersections near my house. I splatter the neighborhood with the signs so absolutely everyone driving within one mile of my property understands it is actually For Sale.

The pink fluorescent boarder on the white signs with all the multicolored words just draws your eyes to it. It just dares buyers to come have a look. ALWAYS place your telephone number on the signs and have arrows directing people directly to the front door. Every buyer that has purchased a house from me in the last 9 years, was found by my signs. One simple way on how to sell a house is by using hand painted signs. It works, at least for me! I normally place an advertisement in the classified section of the local paper too, but not once once I sold a property from the paper.

There are different approaches which I use for selling my homes. We will go over them in Part 2 of this 2 Part series, but how to sell a house by owner is to bring the prospective buyers right to the front door with my hand painted signs.

Recognizing how to purchase or sell a residence in this real estate market suggests doing it like a real estate investor. I would only purchase a home way under current market value. It only makes sense to discover how to purchase a "home short sale". As for how to sell a house by owner, you need to learn about all of the real estate investor secrets.

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