How to Identify the Owner of a Post Office Box

How to Identify the Post Office PO Box or Postal Mail Box (PMB). This is often called a post office box Break or a reverse PO box.

This can be accessed using a database search. When they have a PO Box they want to use their address for their bills or car payments, utility bills etc ..

If it's not there you may be to obtain the information by contacting the United States Postal Service. This form requires you to disclose the reason you need the information. The USPS just wants to reveal the information if you are trying to serve legal service in proper person, like a subpoena.

Sometimes these methods will still fail. They have been given the USPS.

You can try to pretext the PMB owner by mailing them professional looking material, free offers, maybe even a love letter, anything to trick the owner into revealing their identity. These mailings should always include a trap phone number with call capture.

This is a PO BOX break. Setting up trap lines, getting credit headers, printing up pretext post cards.

There's an old saying that there's no reason to reinvent the wheel.

This would not apply to a post office box but it is especially true when it comes to private investigators could be a simple locate or phone break.

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