How To Call Germany

We are going to show you steps on how to call Germany below. If you are calling for the first time, these tips will help you make your phone call an easy task. There are also calling codes and mobile phone instructions, with ways to help you save money on your calls to Germany.

Tips on How to call Germany

If you are calling Germany from the United States, here are the steps:

1. dial 011 -US Exit code for calls made from the US

2. dial 49 – this is the country code for Germany

3. dial area code (see list below)

4. phone number

dial 011 + 49 + area code + phone number

Germany Area Codes

Bad Homburg 6172

Heidelberg 6221

Berlin 30

Hanover 511

Bonn 228

Karl-Stadt 9353

Bremen 421

Kiel 431

Chemnitz 371

Koblenz 261

Cologne (Koln) 221

Leipzig 341

Cottbus 355

Magdeburg 391

Darmstadt 6151

Mannheim 621

Dresden 351

Mobile Phones 172, 173 & 174

Dusseldorf 211

Munich 89

Erfurt 361

Neubrandenburg 395

Essen 201

Nurnberg 911

Frankfurt am Main (west) 69

Potsdam 331

Frankfurt an der Oder (east) 335

Rostock 381

Gera 365

Saal 38223

Halle 345

Schwerin 385

Hamburg 40

Stuttgart 711

Wiesbaden 611

Calling Germany Mobile Phone:

Dial: 011 + 49 + Network Code + number (See list of Network Codes Below)

MobilCom 156

Quam 150

T-Mobile 160,170,171,175

O2 176,179

Vodafone 152,162,172,173,174

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