How Real Estate Agents Can List For Sale by Owner Properties (FSBOs)

Listing a property that is currently for sale by the owner can be a tough task. Most owners will hold out for awhile before they will consider listing their house with a real estate agent. The plus side here is that they are motivated to sell. So if they are to choose their home with a real estate agent, how can they make sure they are they?

You will first need some addresses of FSBO's to mail to. It is possible to buy lists, but the best leads come to the house. FSBO signs, and mark the address down for you.

This campaign has been set up that way. First, you want to create a series of six postcards. The first to want to sell your house. The second two will talk about some sort of advance marketing that you do. It should sound impressive, like something they can not do on their own. The third two should talk about your listing. Other than paying a commission, the second most common objection is getting locked up in a long contract. So why not offer an easy cancel guarantee? You may want to offer a communication guarantee that they will not be left in the dark.

Send the first three postcards every third day. Send the last three postcards spaced a week apart.

If you could get enough leads this way, and business is booming, leave the campaign where it's at. If you could still use more leads, then make a personal visit to the house to see if they could use any help or if they have any questions. You may want to ask if you can stop back in a week or two to see how things are going.

FSBO's most agents do, and if they look professional and memorable, they should come to their minds.

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