Home Staging: Tips to Help Keep Your Sanity While Selling Your Home

Today's market conditions with high competition from foreclosures and short sales make it more challenging and stressful for traditional sellers to sell their homes. How can they save themselves some stress while having their house on the market? Here are some tips that will help save your sanity.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned the week before. Fresh carpets wants to give their home a clean scent as well as newer in the marketing photos. It also wants to make it easier to maintain with weekly vacuuming during your home's listing period.

Hire a professional yard crew prior to listing. Great curb appeal of your home. Have your bushes and trees trimmed, add fresh pine straw or mulch, and plant bright seasonal flowers for a pop of color. Consider hiring the yard crew to mow and keep the yard up every week.

Hire a professional home stager or a real estate agent who specializes in staging your home to sell. Homes that are well staged and de-cluttered tend to sell quicker and better than home. Home Stagers will cost you from $ 250 to $ 3,500 in most areas depending on the items you are adding to your home stage.

Hire professional window cleaners to clean all the windows. Clean windows make rooms appear in marketing photos and during showings. So, a clean and well-maintained home will help you to compete with foreclosures.

Get a daily routine in place to be sure you are prepared for showings. Remember buyers can call at any time! It will be easier to have your house ready to go to work in 20 minutes.

Get the kids involved in the moving process. They're more likely to help keep their current clean rooms clean while you're home on the market. Let them know that their help with cleaning will help the house sell quicker.

In those last-minute, offering a prize of something new for the new house like a play set, a basketball goal or something to decorate their new rooms showing situations when the house is not in perfect condition, it is always ready to throw the odds and ends in while straightening the rooms.

Selling a home is a very stressful time for all homeowners. Want to make your time on the market a less stressful one! Remember a well-staged home is a quick selling home.

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Source by Katie E Mitchell

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