Home Selling – FSBO – Here is the # 1 Way to Advertise Your Home For Sale to Get the Best Results

If you are selling your home by yourself you are probably wondering and where you should advertise. This is a great deal of time and money.

There is evidence to suggest that the best way. It turns out that small, FSBO home sellers.

Here is something to think about: when you read classified ads? Most people just want to buy something specific. They do not browse classified advertisements for fun and recreation. They browse to see if they can find what they want to buy.

For that reason the leads you get from the little ones are among the best you can get anywhere, by any means. When people call, email, or visit a website from a classified ad it is because they have a very high level of interest.

There are two main considerations when writing a classified ad for your home:

  1. You must write a headline for your ad that grabs the attention of people through the ads, and
  2. You must be very concise with the words used in the ad itself, to make sure you achieve your goal.

There is only one goal you have with your home-for-sale advertisement: to motivate the reader to take action. The actions you want included include the following:

  1. Call your phone number,
  2. Send you an email, or
  3. Visit your website and register your name and email address.

To effectively use classified ads you should have your own home-for-sale website that you can optimize for Google search and use as a lead-capture vehicle.

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