For Sale By Owner: 14 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Attempting

A non-conventional arrangement with a buyer for a unique reason. Whatever the motivation, it's important to ask yourself questions so you'll want all the entail. If you have any additional questions regarding the matter of selling your home, contact a local agent for a free consultation. So, do not be deterred if you do not like the first one you are in touch with. It's normal for a seller to "shop around" for the right agent. Buying and selling homes wants to be one of the most important transactions of your life and both, you and a potential agent should treat it as such.

Have you asked yourself …

1. Do you have the knowledge, time, and sales skills necessary to sell your home?

2. If a potential buyer is making aggressive offers, will you be able to negotiate strategically for yourself?

3. Do you know how to analyze the exact value of your home?

4. Are you in the process of selling your home?

5. Do you know how to understand a buyer? S finances and qualification for a loan?

6. Do you have concerns in your home?

7. Are you knowledgeable enough in real estate contracts to create a legally binding contract, acquire all the necessary documents and signatures, and include counter-offers according to regulation?

8. Did you know that without a realtor, you are basically taking your home off the market every time you leave your house?

9. Did you know that many professional people and services are required to complete the sale including escrow and title company, home warranty company, pest-control and inspection services, and a lender? Do you currently have these relationships in place?

10. Do you know if you need a real estate attorney to assist with this transaction, how much will it cost, and how much will they assume?

11. Do you have marketing experience, specifically in real estate, and the funds to allocate to your strategy?

12. Did you know that potential buyers will probably expect you to lower your price because there is no realtor to pay a commission fee?

13. Did you know that there are advantages and disadvantages to the seller depending on which type of loan the buyer chooses?

14. Are you prepared to put in a lot of time, during evenings and weekends when it's most convenient for potential buyers to show your home?

Before you decide to sell your home yourself, consider the benefits you may have. Because transactions are usually made at a reasonable price, they usually pay off.

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Source by Shane Nguyen

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