Flight Travel Deals – 9 Tips For Traveling On The Cheap

Without you first ask about them. So, if you want to get the best deals, you are going to do some research on your own. This article wants to get started in that direction. The following basic tips are available to anyone (i.e., they do not require "insider connections" to achieve good results).

1) Book in advance. So basic and well known, I almost feel guilty offering it as a tip. Nonetheless, it can save you big money. Reserve your flight a month in advance, optimize your discount. Reserve your flight the week before, expect to pay premium prices.

2) Do not fly during regular business hours. Airline flight is a supply-and-demand business. If you insist on flying between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. – when available seats are at their minimum – then plan on paying higher prices. Flying "the red-eye" – when LOTS of seats are available – can greatly lower the cost of your ticket.

3) Check the prices for flying out of / into an alternate airport. Sometimes, you'll get a better deal by driving to a larger, metropolitan area. Los angelenos, for example, know that driving to one of the smaller airports – NOT known as LAX – can save them mucho dinero.

4) Ask the airline to find the price they are charging – IF, you have booked your ticket. Few people do this – or even KNOW about this – but the airlines will adjust the price if you ask them to. Just do not expect them to do it without your prompting them first.

5) Do not park your car at the airport, if possible. Parking fees amass quickly – and might even offset all the savings you can manage through your other money-saving efforts. I once took a trip to Hawaii when I was fresh out of high school (about 30 years ago … gulp!), And upon returning to Denver after two weeks, the cost of parking the car for all that time came to Over $ 100, leaving the home of the airport with us. Our 300-mile car ride home from the airport. Obviously, parking at the airport is not always an option. So, at the very least, consider the cost of parking your car in your budgeting plan.

6) Try to fly "off-season." Granted, flying to Hawaii for the Christmas holiday sounds very appealing when your home is under several feet of snow. I, for one, found Hawaii in May to be very enjoyable – especially with the extra cash for May-Tais on the beach.

7) Check into package deals. Sometimes you can save a lot of money by purchasing a package deal, where you buy your flight, your motel room, and possibly even a "package deal." You might even get some extra thrown in, like a luau (in Hawaii), or a Broadway show (in New York City).

8) Bulk discounts. Sometimes organizations or communities arrange trips for their members, saving each individual some cash in the deal. Senior communities do not travel with Las Vegas, for example.

9) Check with the aggregators. These outfits – aggregators – wants to find the best deal from all over the world. Of course, to aggregator can not possibly check ALL travel outlets, so try a few aggregators, and then try to go straight through the airline. You may find that the "going direct" to the airline of your choosing might be better discounts for you, through frequent-flier programs, and you are not looking for them.

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