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For Sale By Owner or FSBO has long been an option that many people look into when it comes to selling their home. They do so for a variety of reasons. However, usually it is simply because they are trying to save the expense of hiring a real estate agent. Ideally, this means that they are even better than others, making them more desirable. The price of a FSBO home is often at least 5% cheaper than a comparable one.

Finding Homes, which is for sale by owner, is not always the easiest thing to do. It requires a little extra work because you can not call up an agent and give the specifications of what you are looking for. By FSBO home sales in the area you want.

1. Check out websites that feature free classified ads like and other local real estate websites. Even eBay has a section for real estate that is worth investigating.

2. Check out specialized websites just by owner ads. Zip code, to tailor your search.

3. Get the local newspaper daily, and especially on Sunday when there are bigger featured real estate sections, and check it thoroughly for the owner ads.

4. Drive slowly through the areas and neighborhoods you would like to buy. It may or may not be for sale by owner.

5. Check local real estate publications. Often there are free real estate magazines available in grocery stores, libraries and other public places. While a majority of people are looking for real estate agent listings, they are often for sale by owner ads too.

6. Use your social network. Tell your friends that you are looking for a place to stay in the house. It may be as if someone is in your circle. You may get first dibs. If you have a Facebook, MySpace or other social networking account, make a mention that you are looking for a FSBO home.

7. Contact a real estate agent. Some FSBO owners want to be willing to co-op with real estate agents and will often be aware of such listings.

8. Check the MLS or Multiple Listing Service because many owners want to pay.

By taking such steps you want to be on your way to finding every FSBO home in the market you are looking to buy in. These are great ways to find a good deal. Just be sure that you have a real estate lawyer so that you have all your bases covered and you have not missed anything vital in the transaction.

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