February Fever

Welcome to the top 5 organizing projects for February. As of the 1st of the month there are only 48 days until Spring !!! I've got spring fever already. Did you know that a 2013 survey showed that over 72% of households in the US engage in some kind of spring cleaning? The trend seems to increase incrementally each year. See, you are not alone.

If you want to get your hands on the dirt and start to care for them, then you may want to look at them Spring has in store. Let & # 39; s jump in here and get to our next top 5 organizing projects:

Our 1st item on the top of the book.

"Originally, the cell primarily as a coal store." Today it holds the boiler, idle suitcases, out-of-season sporting equipment, and many sealed cardboard boxes are almost never transferred
Bill Bryson, At Home: A Brief History of Private Life

OMG I actually have baby clothes boxes in my attic. Honestly, I just saved you those boxes because I need to reminisce. Psst, I think it's time to go to a better home. Now, I do understand that cleaning out all those closets and cabinets might be a daunting task though, imagine how surprised you are. and see all the space available and how everything is stacked, hung, boxed and / or stored. I try to work on at least one cabinet and closet per day. That way I do not feel overwhelmed.

This seamlessly leads to the 2nd item on the organizing list: Pots, pans, sheets, towels, or boxed items found in the back of the closet that you have no idea of ​​what is in them , And let's not forget the kids & # 39; s closets. Here is where the fun really begins because now we can separate it all into marked keep, discard, and donate. Keep a blank pad of paper near you at all times so that you can make up your own list of what needs replacing or mending. Last year I found that there were a few things that needed to be donated like the roomba we never used and the fish cage for the BBQ and I was ready to repurpose old kids & # 39; t-shirts by comprend a comforter made from them. "Everybody wants to save the earth, nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes."
PJ O & Rourke, All the Trouble in the World

The 3rd item is to specifically organize your shoes. I'm talking ALL shoes. Girls, it's important to make room for the new sandals and flip flops so let's get excited !! I store my summer shoes in a large, rectangle wicker basket during the winter and I use an adjustable shoe rack on the floor of my closet for the current season of shoes. Rotating my seasons keeps me focused on what you need to do. I am always looking forward to the outfit possibilities. Lately I've been listening to a song called "Shoe Shopping" by Old Dominion. Check it out while you go through your shoes. It's quirky and fun.

"Above all, in true love and know that they are like shoes
Camilla Morton, How To Walk In High Heels: The Girl's Guide.
Camilla Morton, How To Walk In High Heels: The Girl & # 39; s Guide to Everything

The 4th item may not apply to anyone, especially if you have filed your taxes in January to get the information ready to be filed. If this is the case, then this may be the year to begin filing folders or bins specifically for tax prep. Creating a filtering system through the year, scanning specific documents like the stubs, so that you do not have to worry about each and every one of them. Staying on top of this mound of paperwork from the beginning of the year will take a come come tax time next year. Print this document to help you know what to keep and how long.

The invention of the teenager was a mistake. Once you identify a period of life in which people get out of bed. "
Judith Martin

This is the item we are referring to If you have southern facing windows where sunlight comes in, it's the ideal spot for your starter garden In this case, you will not be able to get enough space for all the seeds you want to start with effectively to help those seedlings get the best possible care this year. This is a great project for the kids to help out. My kids use to watch their seedlings grow. It's the next best thing to a pet.

I hope you enjoy the discoveries and space you will find this month.

See you in March!

"It's such a pleasure to sink one's hands into the warm earth, to feel at one's fingertips the possibilities of the new season."
Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

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